A successful King who ruled for so many years was getting old. Time was worrying him. He had no sons and he had to quickly choose a Heir to succeed him - to devotionally care for his Kingdom just the way he had been till now. So what was the way to make the best selection?

The King sought opinion of his Spiritual Mentor, who he had always been looking up to in his times of making tough and delicate decisions. The King and his Spiritual Mentor were same in one way: both brepresented the merger of the material with the spiritual. So after feeling through the situation of the King, his Spiritual Mentor gave him a plan. The King felt very happy at that.The next day (Sunday) he got it announced in his whole kingdom that on the fourth day morning (Wednesday), any young unmarried boy who would reach his palace door first would be the very person to be declared the Heir.

Everyone thought it was just so simple and they started preparing their sons for the day with the best of the clothes, the best of the advice, and the best of the practice to run the fastest. The usually restive land was abuzz with activity right after this life-changing announcement was made. Most people did not sleep for the next three days because of the excitement of the event; they were busy working out with their families on how to out-smart others on the way.

The King and his Spiritual Mentor had Divine Wisdom. They had foreseen the whole event in their mind and realized how it was going to be taken by most people of the land. On the way, they organized a very colorful Carnival right upto the palace. It seemed like so much fun, and the young men felt so happy to see how the King had planned to celebrate their way to Kinghood. There was something for everyone’s taste: delicious food, best of the dressing material, easy to obtain money and gifts, rejuvenating spas at the newly landscaped gardens, musical fountains, movie theatres, folk  dance floors, beautiful girls and so on. Everything from material to spiritual was there, and one could have as much as one wanted. People felt that their King wanted to judge them by a measure of who enjoys these to his best as that is what Kings mostly seemed to do. What else most would want!

The King was observing all the activity from the roof-top of his palace. He smiled and he laughed. At the same time he was looking forward to the arrival of that special young boy. The King had faith in the strategy devised by his Spiritual Mentor and he trusted his blessings. GOD had always helped him in his times of need in the past so many years. But the responsibility of the King was not limited to finding a Heir; he also needed to groom that young person to be a successful King so that everyone in his Kingdom is able to lead a blissful life. 

Considering how young boys got so absorbed in the finery set up at the Carnival, what do you feel would have happened on Day Four? If you were one of the boys from his Kingdom, what would you have done?

The King was wondering how he was going to monitor who enters first with so many aspirants coming together for the position. However, no one entered the palace door by Day Three evening.  

On Day Four, right at the break of dawn, AMOKSH - a young beautiful boy of simple parents reached the palace doors.  The King was of course elated. He had found his Heir.

He received Amoksh with all the love he had saved for a son. AMOKSH seemed to be a pure soul right from Divine Land. The Spiritual Mentor too blessed him and very piously carried out the Coronation Ceremony. Both the King and his Spiritual Mentor touched the feet of AMOKSH and sat by his feet accepting him as the King. 

Right when the Coronation Ceremony got over inside the palace doors, the entire Carnival began to close down. The young men who had been engrossed into various activities were jolted out of their actions, and soon a few of them realized it was already Day Four afternoon. Immediately, they straightened their clothes, ran hands through their hair and started running in leaps and bounds to reach the palace door first. 

No one was allowed the entry. The new King’s Court was on…


Through this story, we have tried to share a simple concept with you all. 

To this day people are amazed, dismayed, amazed, dismayed by the Carnival thrown in by GOD. Different people experience the presence and absence of the Carnival at different times of their life. When they are engrossed in its activities, they feel happy and excited as if the whole world is under their feet. When it begins to close down or vanishes, they are jolted, dumbstruck, dead.

Some pure souls reach up to GOD, the Divine. They are the ones who remember the first goal of their life - reaching the door of HIS palace. The rest are too busy to recall what they started out for at the very first place. They forget that their first goal was to reach the door of the Divine Palace, where it is written in big, bold and bright gold,

“You come up one step towards me,
I will come down ten steps to receive you.”

So what is it that these pure souls like Amoskh understand and others do not? How are they able to reach to the King’s palace, breaking through the maze of the huge and bubbly Carnival set up by God?

They know. They have complete organized clarity. They know that once they become Kings then everything that has been laid out in front of them in the Carnival is theirs. AND not for Day One, Two or Three but for their Entire Life. So why stop somewhere in-between to reach the very first goal that is going to give you everything set up on the way? Why not reach up to one’s Divinity and live ABUNDANCE for all times to come rather than having the perishable goods for a few days only!

Wouldn’t you all desire to grow up and be like AMOKSH?
We all are D
ivinely Blessed: AMOKSH can be even our being!


As I sat in my car,
watching the deadlock of traffic on this bright Monday morning, looking at lines of cars, honking as if there’s no tomorrow, running faster than time, a Strange Silence enveloped me: as if I was just meant to observe the world as it is, as if I am not a part of it but just there sitting right in the middle of its whole whirlwind watching people running, shouting and swearing as they all started their day. As I looked into the rear view mirror there, it seemed it was staring at me, like watching me! How am I doing? Is this what I dreamt of 10 years ago? What do I dream about for 10 years ahead from now?  From a week that starts in a rush to the weekend that is rushed, where has my life gone? Am I confusing career with life or life with career? What about my dreams? Am I happy for everything? Am I growing in career and enjoying the life I envisioned? Or is it that I’ll again stop by a jam 10 years from now, think about it, and go to the usual Monday office?
What stops you from living a life you dreamt of? Is it the routine you’re living, which is eating up your months before you actually start living a life? Or have you got your priorities of business, life & Self all mixed up and don’t know the secret to work them out to the desired success?   HAVE THE REALITY CHECK DONE & TURN THE SITUATION AROUND!

s you sit in your car,
watching the deadlock of traffic on this bright Monday morning, looking at lines of cars, honking as if there’s no tomorrow, running faster than time, a Strange Happiness envelopes you: yes, you were meant to be the precursor of it all - of letting self out of the grip of this maddening whirlwind of running, shouting and swearing as they all started their day. You look into the rear view mirror, and it seems to be complimenting you for the life-giving decision you made for your people - the people you care about.  

The renewed commitments, the charged up energies, the focused clarities, the enhanced personal productivities, the successful performances, the increased profits, the freshness of the freedom.  

Visualizing this transformation, all of a sudden, a certain inner calmness, elation and a pride is taking over you, making you plan ahead on how to introduce this SECRET discovered by you establishing you as the ever powerful person in control of self!  

Take Powerful Steps To Convert Your PRIORITIES Into Your DREAMS & Achieve Desired Results For LIVING SUCCESS!

Aashish Chopra, Vancouver, Canada