The most delicate advice people seek in any budding relationship is - What next? Meeting somebody is very easy & liking can even be an infatuation. AND if relationship parameters have not been well defined & established, it can lead to a life full of pain. So what do you want: pain, pleasure or BLISS in the relationship? Pleasure can again be short lived. A wrong advice around pleasure can lead to a disaster also. So be careful.

People have a habit of expressing their best when they meet somebody for a shortwhile like at parties, or in college or at any official gathering. You may have the opportunity to meet the person you are focusing on for a strong relationship even 100 times but everytime the best in him is visible. Even he is conscious to project the best in himself. Liking is different but love is not possible only with strong points.

Many persons make their life-time decisions only on the basis of liking & even before the first anniversary comes, the clashes start & relationship ends up in living hatred for the person they had focused to live love for. Relationship Advice is to wait for making any long-term decision till love has been established.

Love is a state of total acceptance under all circumstances. Are you prepared to accept the person as he is & extend total care without any expectations? If yes then go ahead. But that is again the beginning of the relationship from your side ONLY. Till love happens in his mind for you, it is wisdom not to take him for granted. And even when he commits in love, still the relationship advice remains - never to expect anything from him. If he loves you, he will do all what he feels for your comfort. That is his decision indeed & not yours.

The best method to feel a person, is to live with him for some time. You can assess a person only when you are in a position to feel every feeling & move he is making during all 24 hours & that too at least for a week at stretch. But is it possible to live with him even before the relation even takes off? Live-in relationship is not acceptable in many countries or religions. AND even you yourself may not feel comfortable to live with a person before the trust in the relationship has been established.

But the fact is you like the person!! This therefore is a point to seek advice on - what to do? Yes the good news is that there are so many dignified possibilities. First is to develop an association with someone who is living 24 hours with that person - his brother, sister, mother or even a close neighbor. Silently keep on asking about the whole family & not about that particular individual you are focusing to have relationship with. This way you will have the unbiased information about the person. The second is to join some week-long college picnic where both of you are going along with so many more also. The third is to be their family guest - get invitation from some other person than the person-in-focus on some pretext. This will give you the opportunity to feel him right in front of you. That forms the best relationship advice for you.

At times you may get the opportunity to be real close to him & have interactions on multiple subjects. Remember, he is only sharing his general opinion & his feelings expressed are not for you. Until & unless some specific questions are asked, the relationship advice is, never to take his feelings to your heart. The fact is, he did not mention all this keeping you in his mind. There is a possibility that he might just be testing his own judgment about how he will be living in a relationship & those may not be even his own tested beliefs. Casual commitments made by him must not be taken for granted as those will only give pain. Even when he has made commitment please AND PLEASE do confirm by asking him under different circumstances. See that he is comfortable to share his commitment for you in his close circle of friends & relatives.

I want your life to be blissful. I belong to you in Divine Purity so for any specific relationship advice please keep in touch with me. To know more about the person in mind, simply send his photograph to me & ask all relevant questions of your mind. You will not get this information even from any of the above suggested methods. But you can always check that information through all of the above suggested methods for your double satisfaction. At times, even the people around cannot tell about a person & also the way he is behaving may be due to some problem he is facing in his life which is stoppnig him from living his true & real self. So everything’ s very tricky! But Dr Rakesh Chopra’s Photo-based Personality Profile can definitely give you a real insight into it - like it has to so many others & that too blissfully indeed! For more information, visit

Whether you are getting to know each other through an on-line connection or dating for building a relationship of strength, here is a fun way to get to know each other. The simple but most powerful your own Question-Answer Games. By asking correct questions, you will have the advantage of finding out your would-be relationship partner’s interests, feelings & needs so that you can capitalize on these when it is your turn to live with him in your relationship. The words you use in questions are important. How you say those words is just as important.

There are five guides to good questions, which will help you in phrasing questions in the opening stages of discussion that will be understood
by your listener & will produce a flow of useful information for you:
1. Questions should not lend themselves to a YES or NO answer.
2. They should not be leading.
3. They should not reveal your objective.
4. They should be short.
5. They should be limited to a single point.

To get your relationship partner actively involved, encourage him to explore his ideas & feelings by asking your questions starting with words containing the letter, “W” i.e. Who - What - Where - When - Why - How. When you want unbiased information, don’t ask leading questions - which suggest the answer. This way, he is free to tell you whatever is on his mind, & you are more likely to get a truthful answer, which will form the backbone of your healthy relationship with each other. When you want valid information, don’t ask direct questions - questions which reveal what you are looking for. The listener will talk more freely if he is not aware of your objective. Since the listener can’t detect the objective of the less direct or general question, he is more likely to give a truthful answer.

Questions should be short enough to be easily understood. It is easier to remember, & you’ll get more accurate information. And questions should deal with a single point at a time. Keep each round of questions worth 30 points & give each question a maximum of 10 points. Plan a series of 3 questions per game & repeat in the same pattern at different occasions or intervals.

Score his points as follows:

  • Totally compatible with your point of view - 10 points

  • Somewhat compatible with your point of view - 7 points

  • Is neutral: not really compatible but not totally incompatible - 5 points

  • Totally in conflict with your point of view -  0 points

Sample Relationship Questions:

  • If you asked me out for dinner for our first date, who will pay for it?
  • If we had a strong difference of opinion on an important subject, how would you handle it?
  • If we decided to go out & we talked about what we wanted to do, who will have the priority say in that?

Other questions can be asked to see how he would handle situations of importance in life when your relationship starts blooming by being with each other.


21-30 points - Definitely continue to explore possibilities in this relationship.
10-21 points - Proceed with caution in this relationship.
0-10 points - Ask more questions, & if score is the same then keep on looking for other relationship possibilities.