INSIGHT Of The Fortnight

Devotion in a Relationship
Devotional is a real devotional expression. Devotion happens after trust in the relation has been well established. Devotion is always for a person where you simply live in 100% non-judgmental devotional acceptance. Nothing is challenged - NEVER. What-so-ever the person says or even feels that becomes your decision. You want to do everything what the person feels or wants. Devotion is to be lived every moment. The ultimate feeling of love is devotion. It is the living expression of feeling love in a relationship. What the person wants and why he wants that is his domain. You can at the most discuss about the how part. What he wants how that is to be done is important for you to know so that you are comfortable to live that ONLY.

Learning through Humor
A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin, 5, & Ryan, 3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. “If GOD were sitting here, He would say ‘Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait’”. Kevin turned to his younger brother & said, “Ryan, you be GOD!”

There are people around us who under the disguise of some moral or religious values wants to take away our right of enjoying our priviliges. So be alert to know what you want and be equally alert to manage that tricky situation.

Your Questions of the Fortnight

Winning Question: N C, USA
Question: Dear Dr I am picking one line from the article written by you in your eZine,
“Consider how putting yourself first in Divine Purity in your life can impact your marriage. What this means for you is that you can never hope to live rightly as a spouse unless you are living rightly as yourself.” I would like you to elaborate on loving self first a bit more. Because as the normal grooming of the world goes, loving others especially those we love should come first & we do rejoice as well in doing so.
Answer: Loving self will help you understand the true meaning of love. If you are able to identify & fulfill every desire of yours, then you are in a position to accept, understand & fulfill every desire of the person you are in love with. Living love is never a state of any kind of expectation. That’s dangerous. Not even expecting from self. Desires leading to needs leading to Goals is one part, & after planning is done then your role is just to live your well directed performance ONLY. And then accept all what comes to you - NEVER EXPECT. Expectation is a state of future & any attempt to live in future will lead to frustration.

Jack P, UK
Question: When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves. Said differently, every that thing which you will approach with purity, positive energy, & appropriate relevant response for that situation (which may be anger & which may be totally avoiding the person as well) will simply bless you. Is it true in all the cases? Does it hold truth as a universal observation?
Answer: Your question itself is not clear. Avoiding a person out of anger will never bring bliss in the real sense. When you love a person & he does not want to be with you because of any reason then you avoid a person is something different. Yes every that thing which you will approach with purity, positive energy, & appropriate relevant response for that situation will simply bless you.

Sarath Jain, Australia
Question: For every sales, I feel the intent is to let people know of your product & how it can benefit them to achieve their goals or fulfill their needs or solve their problems. If business houses make their executives feel this in depth then the talk of all profit would revolve around & be measured by how well they were able to tell others about their product & how well they were able to make the match of their product with the people’s imagination. I feel this pure feeling of helping people buy their imagination is what business is all about & it will make all selling look so beautiful & easy. Rather than the hardcore measurement of how many sales they were able to make by pressurizing people to buy from them … even if once … just to complete their sales targets.
Answer: I fully support your expressed feeling that the focus must be on helping the person buy one’s own imagination - this way it is like swimming downstream - there will never be any resistance. Let us go for soft core selling & never hardcore. Need is to focus on how many persons you helped fulfill their own imaginations & not about sale of products.

Tanya Singh, Italy
Question: What is the ultimate goal of life? & do goal & purpose mean the same? Many people have a feeling that when they die, they must merge in GOD. If they want that at the end of their life, then what is life all about?
Answer: Goal & purpose are different. If goal is the destination then purpose is the journey. Merging in God can never be the goal of life. Right moment of merging in God is the present moment ONLY. & after being in merger focus is to support others live their lives successfully so that they are also ready to live merger. This is a real deep subject & more I will share as per the specific & relevant question emerging out from your own depth of life.

Lovely Angel, USA
Question: Sex before marriage…what do you say… I am fairly a religious person. And I still think abstinence works, as I believe that I have to be pure for the one I want to commit to. I have to be complete. And if I do have sex before marriage it is in a way cheating towards the person I want to commit to, in future. And I haven’t even met that person yet. And dont know if this person will be as commited towards me or not. However, I am not sure in what way, sex before marriage makes me impure. If it does at all. Or is it that I am giving in to the temptation.
Answer: Focusing on sex in or before marriage is an expression of lust. When somebody is just focusing on lust then he/she is far away from the bliss. Any relation at body level initiation will never lead to what you are really looking for - the outcomes are always deceptive. Love making is always an expression of bliss & that only happens when there is total acceptance at soul, mind & then body level. First soul, then mind & lastly body - in that order & never the reverse.

A Spiritual Seeker, Germany
Question: How can one remember to live an unshakeable faith in all what GOD is doing?
Answer: Just look back your life since you were born. There had been so many situations when you totally felt helpless - & then some help came from some unknown or even known (but not focused earlier) source. That was indeed the Divine help. Make a elaborated list of such helps & you will find this list is becoming longer & longer. Feeling that list in its ultimate depth will help you establish & live your unshakable trust in God.