Insight of the Fortnight
Get Real
There is a difference between being original and being real. Original is what you are and that must never be ignored or forgotten. Original is the base for bliss in your life but being real is matching what you are with what the world is expecting from you. Perhaps people do not have the depth or even the focus to understand the original you and behave accordingly from their superficial level of understanding. So it is a must that you understand what they want from you and then link what you are with their structure, and they will support you in total devotion.

Learning through Humor

Wanting to send my wife flowers to mark our wedding anniversary, I rang a florist to organize the delivery and was asked what I wanted written on the card. “Oh… I think…I love you” I replied.

Later that day, my wife answered the door to find a man with a bouquet and a bemused look on his face. He gave my eight-months pregnant wife the once-over and said, “Isn’t it time he made his mind up?”

(My wife looked at the card: “Oh… I think…I love you”). 

Make sure that the message you want to convey is the SAME as what is understood by others…or else it can lead to unwanted controversy.

Your Questions of the Fortnight
Nikita J, San Jose, USA
Winning Question: I am not sure of the shape my future will take, but I do know what I want in life.  The ‘New Age’ teachings say that you you create your own reality. But I’ve also read in religious teachings that God gives a person what He feels is best.  What is the truth?  Do we create our lives or does God create it?
Answer: The expression that God gives us what He feels is the best for us, is true. When we live in Samarpan, life is beautiful as we enjoy every moment as a Divine moment.  Trying to create our own life is full of struggle because no human being has an omniscient perspective, thus whatever we create is based upon limitation. It is wisdom to merge our desires into Divine and accept all that Divine is giving to us.

K Iyengar, Karantaka, India
Question: Indian elders used to advise their families to keep information about the food they eat, the money they earn, and the women of their family (mother, wife, daughters, sisters et al) under cover, which means not to be shown-off at all.  From the ancient times, the human story on earth has been marred with jealous actions of weak minds. Why do we not learn from it?
Answer: The problem with people is that it is difficult for them to accept the wisdom given by their elders. They want to learn everything with their own experience and in the process may lose a lot also. It is a must for people to understand the depth of advice given by asking for relevant case studies of actual life situations.

Simon D, New Zealand
Question: In this fast moving world of technology, no communication is safe: phones can be tapped, computers and personal emails can be hacked, and even the movement of people can be tracked via satellite surveillance (as is often seen in the movies). Our very thoughts can be stolen. Amidst all this happening, people of the world are becoming aware about the importance of protecting their privacy, along with their intellectual property and assets. What approach do you suggest for protecting oneself in these times?
Answer: It is wisdom not to focus upon that which we cannot know for certain and live in fear and paranoia.  As far as intellectual property, it is best to consult to act in accordance with legal guidelines.  But Divine communication, also known as soul to soul communication, is also a possibility in these times. This form of communication is documented in all of the Divine books and is learnable by people of today. Focus must be to live in Samarpan (100% Non-Judgmental Devotional Acceptance) to Divine.  Divine is certainly more powerful than any human being or any group and offers the best guidance and protection.

Simi R, Australia
Question: As a single woman, I know I cannot be dependent upon anyone but myself.  What should I do knowing that my next 10 years in order to secure my future happiness knowing that the next 10 years are the most energetic years of my life?  I need to know how to focus my efforts so that in the future I can enjoy complete financial freedom, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment in having utilized my talents in the right direction.
Answer: Define what all you can do for people, your qualities and strong points, and focus to feel a vision of your life for the next 50 years. Then convert your vision into goals and build up a relevant team of support.  In focusing to feel your vision, you will immerse yourself in Divine wisdom.  Divine wisdom will then operate through your body/mind and your success will unfold effortlessly.

S Rider, Japan
Question: For the first time in my life, I am on my own, feeling the importance of being financially fluid. I fail to understand why a child is given a competent education to be an engineer or architect but is left on his own to understand how to manage money.  Even parents don’t normally take it upon themselves to make their children financially intelligent. The reality is that no one has ever been able to live comfortably in this world without vital financial skills.  Shouldn’t fiscal responsibility become an important subject of informal education from the point that the child steps into this world along with other moral education being given to him by his parents and society?
Answer: You are right, but the tragedy is that even parents have not been formally trained to give this precious education to their children. Parents must learn to accept their children as they are and from their base initiate the process of their financial development.

Insight of the Fortnight

Corruption is the most corrupt expression by itself. Corruption has the highest potential for being corrupt. If anything is not done immediately, it invites corruption. Infact delay breeds corruption. When something is not being done on time and that through right means then a silent pressure starts building up within the mind of the person and he is willing to pay unrealistic price for that. Price may not be in terms of money but in terms of peace and even respect. When at times you delay a decision because of lack of certain important information then again the mind gets corrupted about that decision and that decision may not happen at all or you pay a heavy price for that. Delay in handling relationship issues normally leads to divorce also - such a heavy price.

Learning through Humor

As he reviewed pilot crash reports, my Air Force military science professor stumbled upon this understated entry: “After catastrophic engine failure, I landed long. As I had no power, the landing gear failed to deploy and no braking was available. I bounced over the stone wall at the end of the runway, struck the trailer of a truck while crossing the perimeter road, crashed through the guardrail, grazed off a large pine tree, ran over a tractor parked in the adjacent field and hit another tree. Then I lost control.”

It is important to assess the whole situation rather than the final statement given by an individual. At times there is a lot of important message behind a message.

Your QUESTIONS of the Fortnight
Fiona, New Hampshire, USA
Winning Question: I got married last month. Ours is an arranged marriage. In this era of frequent divorces, what are the first basics to keep in mind for having a child?
Answer: You are right that divorce leaves a negative impact on children. Children from broken families always suffer in life. Remember that the best spouse is never available in this world. Spouse is always developed to become the best. So when you feel that you have developed yourself to accept your spouse in 100% non-judgmental devotional acceptance that is the right time to plan your own family.Jania, Poland
Question: I am engaged and am getting married soon. At times I am shocked to see the irritating behavior of my fiancé. What can make a man feel bad in a relationship when dealing with a woman? Like, at times he acts angry for no apparent reason. Knowing this would ensure that I never attempt to say what I want to say.
Answer: Strong persons always absorb while weak persons tend to get angry. Weak persons keep on expecting more and more from the partner. So at times the weak man feels the responsibility to impress upon his woman that he is strong, which itself is a delicate situation. Your role as his wife would be never to give any negative reaction when he is angry. Learn to absorb. I will share more if required.

Aaron, Dallas, USA
Question: How to always keep in touch with self?
Answer: It is a good question. Just feel a situation. One of your friends meets you after 30 years from now - say on 1st of March 2038. At that time he is very happy to see you after a long time and then asks you, “What are you doing now and what have you done in the past 30 years?” Answer this question feeling that today is 1st of March 2038. While answering this question you will get deeply in touch with yourself. If any doubt, please share with me.

Elyse, Oregon, USA
Question: When two people come together to start a life, what are all the basics that need to be considered, especially financially?
Answer: Their potential to earn wealth, and wisdom to plan their financial budget.
Erick, South Dakota, USA
Question: I am in love and am feeling self as a developed person. Why does being in love inspire one to want to be a better person?
Answer: Love itself inculcates a sense of responsibility within. In love, you want to give and give so that your love is happy and blissful. And the fact is before giving you must have what you want to give thus you feel inspired to be a better person.

Debbie, Shropshire, UK
Question: Have you ever had a friend, well someone you thought was your friend and then, turns out, they never were your friend because of the harm they put you into? What is the way to opt for best option to action for that person?
Answer: There are two possibilities. One is that, that person was never your friend so if he/she harms you, then may be it was his/her plan to harm you under the cover of friendship. And second is that your friend is in real trouble and that is the reason he/she behaved with you the way a friend will never behave. Under those circumstances perhaps he/she needs more love and care from you. When you re-assess your past experiences, you can easily make out the intentions behind every move.