Are you aware of the dangers of will power?

I have heard many people say after the death of their dear one that he had a strong will power. Perhaps that precisely was the reason for his death. When a person has a heart attack and he tells himself that he is having a strong will power and so climbs a flight of stairs; and thus collapses. While the fact is that when someone has a heart attack then even taking a single step can be disastrous. The rule is just to sit or lie down wherever you are at that moment.

Just focus to understand. Will means desire and desire is emotional. Emotions have a weak base and on that weak base, you install power thus everything just collapses. Instead of emotions you must make the best use of logic. The need is not to focus on your will power but on your determination which is a well calculated disciplined move. Instead of will power which is the power of mind, focus on the spiritual power by being aware of everything around you.

The spiritual power is the power that enables you to remove the barrier of negative emotions with inner strength and calm authority and let positivity illuminate your path in the ups and downs of the journey of your life. Spiritual power can prolong life and will even give you abundance of strength to deal with your situations.