Do you want standard of life or quality of life?

Standard of living, refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods, and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class or geographic area. Standard of life is focused primarily on the physical comforts based on the outside sources where as a person you have no control. Thus the pleasure received keeps on fluctuating because pleasures and sufferings are two sides of the same coin only.

Quality of life is a highly subjective measure of happiness which is an important component of many financial decisions. Factors that play a role in the quality of life vary according to personal preferences, but they often include financial independence, job satisfaction, family life, health, and safety. Quality of life is focused on living the life of your choice while standard of life is based on the life of others around you. Quality of life means you are managing all life situations from the base of bliss from within.

How not to interfere?

The general manager of a company was feeling highly disturbed. He was helping his team members and team members were taking his help as his interference. He said, I don’t know what to do?

I asked him, if you know beforehand that this help of yours will be taken as interference or involvement then how would you feel? He said that will be great.

I told him, there is a secret behind it, who takes the initiative? If the initiative of your help is taken by them then it is almost a sure sign that they will take your help as involvement but if the initiative of your help is taken by you only then there is every possibility that your help is taken as interference.

There is a simple rule to it. Tell them exactly what you can do for them, just make an offer regarding your valuable contribution and then wait for the invitation as their initiative.

The secret power of GPS management

GPS means Global Positioning System and nowadays the world map is controlled by the GPS and it gives you the exact location and the direction to reach your well defined destination. The recorded voice guides you to take a third left turn on the next roundabout or to take a U turn after 100 meters and so on. Each and every step is very well directed. Have you ever noticed that if by chance you take a wrong turn, you are not reprimanded or blamed but it restarted the directions from where you were.

And that is the secret power to manage all worldly relationships as well. Let’s feel the difference. While managing the relationships people get angry if the other person does something wrong or unacceptable, they instantly start blaming the other person, reprimanding him and at times even are bent upon to prove that he is wrong as a person. This way the other person is disturbed and loses motivation to do anything further. In addition he is also losing his regards for you.

Let’s learn from the GPS. While managing the relationship – be it with your children or your team members or your clients or any other person, if the person does something wrong or unacceptable then accept the person as it is and redefine the strategic planning from the current step onwards. This way you will be able to maintain harmony in your relationship and then the productivity will be multifold on its own.

Is perfection a must for success in life?

It has been seen that the person who is a perfectionist is rarely happy. Perfection is only possible when you have well defined parameters. Moreover when you focus on perfection then you can feel happy only when the result is declared and that too if the result is positive. It is wise to strive for excellence because on that path your every next moment is better than the previous one and every moment you feel happy as well.

The fact is 100% perfection is not required for each and every activity. For routine activities even 80% quality is acceptable because possibly people don’t have the relevant competence to differentiate between 80% and 100% quality. There is no need to focus on 100% perfection because the last 20% quality needs exhaustive efforts and the outcome is rarely appreciated by anybody. The fact is that they might not have the power to judge as well.

It might be expensive to be a perfectionist and that saved money and energy can be invested to achieve so many other results.

How to make others value you?

An ambitious entrepreneur of a startup said, I talk with my team members and my clients in full confidence, but they don’t value my words. It is so frustrating at times; I don’t know what to do.

I told him, there is a big difference between confidence and conviction. they will value your words only when you talk with them with conviction. Please remember, that conviction comes only when the logic of your expression is clear to you. You must yourself be convinced first about what you say. Your own belief in yourself is the key to conviction.

In that case just one word is enough to strike the deal. You must have experienced that people who lack conviction are normally loud in their expressions which comes off as arrogance and intolerance. Thus, they are normally not accepted by others. Strong convictions precede great actions.

How to establish good system?

What do we mean, by a good system? Let’s first understand a simple process on how to make tea. Define and gather all the ingredients first, that is, tea leaves, sugar, milk, tea masala, tea making pan, gas stove, tea strainer, cups, wash basin and so on. While making tea, if everything you need during the process is within the range of your arms and that too without moving any step, then of course it is a good system. Imagine if everything you need is at a distance from the gas stove then it is a bad system because your precious energy and time are just being wasted in moving around.

Just remember your experience while buying a subway sandwich. Everything you want is within the arms range of the serving executive. You tell him to put around 16 different kinds of salads plus the required sauces. With so much inside, you can not hold the sandwich in your hands and eat so they wrap the prepared sandwich in a paper with a gentle pressure. When you open the wrapper you can easily hold the sandwich in your hands and eat. That’s again a good system. A good system practically means saving your time, energy and every precious resource from being wasted, in the process of achieving your well conceived goals.

How to cope with work overload?

The first focus is on self. Define your goal clearly and specifically. Convert your competence into skill. Competence means you can do the job well but skill means you can do the same job in much less time. This way you will be able to save your energy and time.

The second focus is your team. The fact is that you are excellent in doing your job at speed while your team is not as excellent as you are. They might be able to complete only 70% of what you can do. If you have 5 team members then collectively they can deliver 350% while your 100% capacity is still with you.

You must delegate the respective work to your team members, precisely they have been appointed to do the same only. Remember the secret, if someone can do a work for you then never do it yourself – this way you are also helping the other person with an opportunity to develop further as well.

The third focus is that either you are not competent to do that work or you have no time to do it. In that case it is wise to outsource the job to some professional or a skilled person. Just remember that if you are doing work which someone can do at a lower price then you are downgrading your worth. When you implement these three secrets you will be surprised to experience more time and energy at your disposal.

How to avoid a burnout?

Burnout is a reaction to a prolonged or the chronic job stress and is characterised by three main dimensions: exhaustion, self doubt, and feeling of reduced professional ability. Thus there is loss of motivation to do anything in life. This can lead to depression, hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and using escapist behaviour to cope with various life situations.

The first step is to reassess your aptitude. Are you doing the job compatible with your nature? It is wise to reassess your goals. Develop expertise in the area of your responsibilities. Don’t start practice till you have gained 100% clarity and depth on the subject of commercial and social interest. If you are not an expert then it is always wise to outsource the job because it can save a lot of your energy and time as well.

Make a policy decision to relax for 10 minutes after every one hour of work – means do some other work or listen to the music or just lying down. Plan to work for five days a week – means a maximum of 42 hours a week and relax or enjoy your weekends – maybe have some outing. Take a one-week vacation after every three months or so.

In addition focus on these areas as well: Connect with a trusted friend. Exercise regularly – maybe long walks or start playing some game. Develop a habit to have regular sound sleep. This will help you rejuvenate yourself and you will be able to enjoy each and every moment of your life.

Where is your commitment success or failure?

I understand that you are an ambitious entrepreneur and want to multiple your profits. Just ask yourself a question- am I committed to success?

Imagine a person suffering from the knee pain. His doctor prescribed him specific exercises to be done at least 3 times a day. Which he is not doing. Where is his commitment? If you see logically, he is committed to pain and not the relief. Does it make sense? Let us accept that you have a well-defined profit strategy but you are not implementing it. In that case where is your commitment?

You are committed to failure. Do you agree with me? If you want to multiply your profits then define your commitment clearly and perform accordingly. Then, success is all waiting for you. Just remember that the innovative growth strategy for every business is different. So, focus on your goals and then develop a profit strategy only without comparing that with any other business.

The secret to establishing commitment of your team

Majority of people complain that their team members are not committed. Let’s discuss simple and practical steps to be implemented in the right sequence:
Step 1 – tell them what to do in clear and specific terms means the goal both of you have agreed upon.
Step 2- ask if they can do it, that is focusing on their competence.
Step 3- ask them how they will do it, that is focusing on the process. Most of the people only assume, they rarely confirm it.
Step 4- ask them if they will do it, that is, focusing on their commitment. Many people here again only assume that their team members will do it while the fact is they might not because of multiple reasons. But this is the most important step to remember and implement.
Step 5- ask by what time, that is, focusing on the deadline. A deadline only makes the goal complete.
Step 6- the most relevant part is a timely follow up by you, that is focusing on the accountability. Without regular follow up the team members lose their motivation to perform so this is the most important step to be implemented.

This process insures the commitment of your team members. Thus, you get all the results that you want and that too without any pressure.