How to develop professional authority?

Every person in this world has both strong areas and weak areas in one’s personality. So how to develop your professional authority. In the process to develop a balanced personality, many people have the focus to work on their negative qualities, labelling those as their area of development. This way they do develop a balanced personality but not the professional authority.

Each one of you has some abilities or skills that are so relevant for you and your professional environment. These are your good qualities that solve the problems of many including yours, and get appreciated by people around you.

Then there are some bad qualities or your weak areas. Knowingly or unknowingly these skills make your life difficult. You may lack it, or fail at these skills. These qualities increase problems and you might need help with it.

The best and the practical method is to identify your strong points then the idea is to make your strong points stronger and then the strongest. As a professional leader, what you don’t know, instead of developing your skill in that area, that must be outsourced. The only way to be a professional authority, you need to make your strong points the strongest and not just stronger and stronger. You will be surprised your weak points will be no more relevant.

The secret of winning a conversation

For a winning conversation it is a must to understand the danger zones of conversations. Conversation is an integral part of life. Right conversation leads to bliss in the relationships while wrong conversation can convert the whole situation into hell as well.

First part of the conversation is gossip which is useless exchange of ideas on a non-specific subject and it leads to complete loss of respect in due course of time; the second part is arguments which are negative exchange of ideas on a specific subject and this ends up in fight only.

The third is discussion which means positive exchange of ideas on a specific subject leading to a friendly environment. And the fourth one is interaction which means constructive exchange of ideas on a specific subject leading to some conclusion.

The gossip and arguments are the danger zones of conversation thus not good for the health of the relationship so must be banned for all times to come. How fast you shift your conversation from discussion to interaction will decide the speed of growth in your life.

Power of being selfish

Are you aware of the power of being selfish? Do you wonder how some people get the support from others to fulfill their dream projects while some feel frustrated that people around them do not support their goals? Many people feel confused between being selfish and being self centred. Is being selfish something negative or positive? Being selfish is 100% positive while being self centred is 100% negative.

When you focus on being selfish then you initiate the process of knowing self. Once you know what exactly you want then you will have the opportunity to develop the relevant strategic planning to achieve it so that everyone around supports you. And you will live a fulfilling life.

While being self centered your 100% focus is on self only. You are least concerned about the feelings of the others. Even without your awareness, you tend to use them for your own benefits. In the process you lose respect in their eyes. You feel alone in the long run, feeling irritated and frustrated. In this world you need to take people along as you alone can not do everything. Focus to be selfish as that way you live in bliss and help others live in bliss as well.

How to overcome obstacles in sales

There are four obstacles which keep people away to buy from you. The first is that they have no trust in your intentions so why would they even talk with you. To overcome this obstacle they must feel that you understand them. Ask them about their achievements in the past five years, praise them and ask a linked question. When they start sharing their situation with you that means their trust in your intentions has been established.

The second obstacle is that they have no need. Ask about the goals they want to achieve in the next five years. Listen carefully and intently to know their needs. Ask more relevant questions to define their exact needs.

The third obstacle is that they don’t trust your competence to help them fulfill their needs. So here share the strong features of your offering relevant to their specific needs only. Once the two match the trust in your competence is established.

The fourth obstacle is that they are in no hurry to buy from you, possibly because they are afraid that they might not get exactly what they are looking for. So here share references: means how the other people with your help got the benefits they were looking for. Once you overcome these four obstacles then you develop a life long relationship with your clients.

How to be a door opener in sales?

Treat every client as a big company. The process of sales is the same whether you are dealing with a big company or an individual. Prepare well – do your thorough homework through relevant research and development.

You can only open the door in sales if you touch their innermost feelings. Do people buy the product or the service? NO. Then what do they buy? Did you buy your spectacles? Perhaps NO. Your focus was that with the help of these spectacles you will be able to see better and this particular frame will suit your personality. Right! Did you buy a house? Perhaps no. Your focus was to get a place for your comfortable living. You didn’t buy the car but you bought the comfort to reach the relevant destinations and that too by matching your status.

This clearly means; people don’t buy your products or services but they only buy their own imagination. Help them imagine all the benefits they are going to enjoy with the help of your product or the service. This way you have opened the doors to their hearts and they would love to deal with you for all times to come.

How do winners plan their time?

Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day. If you take the average of the whole year including all holidays and weekends etc, the normal working day is equal to 6 hours per day. That means you have four working days equivalent in 24 hours.

The first working day you must devote to your job or the business. The second working day is meant for rest. The third working day is focused on your routine activities. And the fourth working day which has the same power of the first working day is meant for self development.

Daily plan is too tight to follow and the monthly plan is too loose. It is wise to focus on the weekly plans. That means plan for 168 hours of the week – 42 hours in each category. Always keep 10% time unplanned to meet any emergency – say 16 hours per week remain unplanned. So you need to plan 38 hours in each category.

By drawing the lines divide A4 size paper in four parts. On top of the page write : 20% gets 80% and focus only on the important effective 20% of your goals. Allocate each part to each category. Identify all the activities in each category and define how much time you feel you will devote for the fulfillment of that activity. Allocate the time relevant to each activity within a permissible limit of 38 hours per category. At the end of the A4 size paper write – Weekly Analysis.

Suppose you have visualised that for a particular activity you will need 3 hours but could complete that only in 2 hours or you have taken 5 hours to complete that. After performance do write how much time you have taken. After weekly analysis do plan for the next week and so on. It might take six months before what you have visualised starts matching the actual time taken.

How to get instant success in sales?

For most of the people, the reality is that the customer goes through a process. They develop a product or a service, and then try to fit in the customers throughout that process. This way customers feel that they are being used and thus it becomes difficult for them to trust the seller.

The ideal but practical process involves keeping customers at the centre. Identify the needs of the customers and then replicate the process based on their needs and you will get instant success. For example, McDonald identified the needs of the people i.e time-saving. So the management of McDonald’s developed the process based on their needs and started providing burgers which are just prepared in just 30 seconds.

Start your sales and marketing by putting customers at the heart of your products and services. When you focus on their needs that release their pain points, then develop the process keeping the solution to their needs in mind.

How to convert failure in sales into success?

It’s not just overcoming your client’s objections, it’s overcoming your own excuses that can end up making the greatest impact on your success in sales.

Instead of saying “they couldn’t afford it”, say “I didn’t show them the value.” Instead of saying “they needed to think about it”, say “I didn’t create enough urgency.”

Remember, when we blame, we’re losing our power. Change the pronoun and you will change your life; because you get your power back. The Real Game Changer: Stop Blaming and start accepting the responsibility of your own Success.

The secret to achieve resolutions

Do you make resolutions and then struggle to achieve those?
Resolution is a solution to be implemented, so before defining a resolution, as the first step, make sure that your resolution is specific; I am obese and need to slim down is not specific but I need to reduce my weight by 20 kg in three months is specific.

Is your resolution attainable? It’s wise to ensure whether your resolution to be implemented is possible or not. You can’t increase your height by 2 inches within a day unless you wear your shoes with a heel of 2 inches.

Is your resolution measurable? I will meet five new clients within a day, it is measurable but I will meet many that are not.

Is your resolution trackable? When your daily information is recorded somewhere, like on your phone, apps or somewhere on your mirror then it is trackable.

Make sure that you develop a habit: If you have a determination to repeat your performance at least for 28 days then only it becomes your habit. If the cycle is broken then restart it. Remember if you keep doing what you have always done then you keep getting what you have always got. That way your resolutions disappear just like air bubbles. So identify your resolution and make it specific, measurable, attainable, trackable and develop a habit.

How to utilise the power of goal setting?

A wealthy person was driving a Rolls Royce in the City Centre. He was an expert driver but had been driving in the outer circle, middle circle and inner circle only. His friend who was accompanying him went to sleep. After about an hour he got up and asked, “Where are we now?” The answer was the City Centre. Then he asked, “Where were we about an hour ago?” The answer again was, the City Centre. He had Money, Energy and Time – all in abundance but could not achieve anything.

On the other hand a person who was poor and limping also started walking on Road number 7. He had a goal to reach the Zoo and after about an hour he was crossing the Central Secretariat.

This short story gives us a very clear message, “Goal gives you a direction and the direction will give you a start”. Define in clear terms what you want and why you want that and your journey towards success will get initiated on its own.