How to get over insult?

Who is the biggest enemy of mankind because once that enemy comes, one has sleepless nights, blood boils with anger and the peace from within is completely shattered and that enemy is an insult but let me ask you a simple question, “Can anybody in the world insult you? Or you yourself are feeling insulted?” The fact is nobody can insult you and because only you yourself feel insulted so only you need to focus on your behavior as that indeed needs to be developed.

Insult indeed is an attack on your ego – your self-respect. EGO means Esteem Gets Offended. Insult basically is the gap between expectations and reality. When you get less than expected then you feel insulted but when you get more than your expectations then you feel loved and respected. Others can only respect you for those qualities which they have experienced with you.

The best way to get over an insult is to live at zero level means no expectations at all. Care for people and they will respect you for all those qualities which they have experienced. The best way to get over an insult is to live without any expectations at all – at zero levels only.

Are you using all your strength?

Though many people are using their best but still are unable to use all of their strengths. Are you using all of your strength? Let’s gain clarity on how to make the best use of your strength.

An ambitious entrepreneur and her mentor were walking along a forest path. At some point, they came across a large tree branch on the ground in front of them.  The girl asked her mentor, “If I try, do you think I could move that branch?” Her mentor replied, “I am sure you can if you use all your strength.” The girl tried her best to lift or push the branch, but she was not strong enough and she couldn’t move it. She said, with disappointment, “You were wrong, Sir. I can’t move it.” “Try again with all your strength,” replied her mentor. Again, the girl tried hard to push the branch. She struggled but it did not move. “Sir, I cannot do it,” said the girl. Finally, her mentor said, “Young lady, I advised you to use ‘all your strength’. You didn’t. You didn’t ask for my help.”

Our real strength lies not in independence, but in codependence. No individual person has all the strengths, all the resources, and all the stamina required for the complete blossoming of their vision. To ask for help and support when we need it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom.

What’s the difference: Attitude and Aptitude?

Many people are confused regarding the right application of two expressions – aptitude and attitude. Aptitude is the potential of a person to do certain things due to the natural or the inborn ability or accumulated knowledge and experience. Since it has more to do with intelligence, it can be acquired and enhanced through training and experience.

Aptitude is more about management of a problem or a situation. While attitude is the way a person understands, perceives and responds to certain situations. It is more of a behavioural aspect and can be improved gradually via introspection and self-motivation. It cannot be quantified.

Attitude is related to existing abilities and skills with certain perceptions. It is how a person perceives something. Attitude is associated with character or virtues. It means attitude depends upon underlying values.

How to grow through maintenance?

It has been observed that the people who keep on struggling in their lives lack the intention and thus the process of maintenance in life – be itself or machines or teams.
If you maintain your team members by giving them professional freedom and care for their needs at the same time, they will develop and grow at great speed thus enhancing the productivity and profitability of your organization.

In the process, their worth has immensely increased and they are in the position to add high value to each and every project the organization you are working on. Perhaps the value addition made by them is worth 100 times the worth of fresh people joining your organization. When you maintain your machines well, these run for 20 years otherwise these run out just within 2 years. As a result of proper maintenance, you can imagine the tremendous growth in productivity and profitability thus in the process saving tremendous resources from being wasted.

The maintenance can be both proactive and reactive. Proactive maintenance is always the best as that happens through the visionary process defined before the performance starts. While preparation for reactive maintenance is also essential.

One must understand the clear difference between urgency and emergency. Emergency maintenance needs immediate attention and can be highly expensive. Urgent maintenance can wait for normal business hours and is possible only through the visionary understanding of thorough strategic planning.