How to overcome Lockdown boredom?

Because of the ongoing programming during the last so many centuries people have been programmed to remain busy in one thing or the other in their life. When they have nothing else to do then they plan to meet their friends just to gossip. Because of this Covid pandemic and the lockdown, even going out to meet people is also banned because you want to live a healthy life. That means most of your entertaining systems have just collapsed. 

If you look back in your life, you had been talking and talking with others only. Ask yourself a question, “When did I talk with myself last time?” Perhaps the answer is NEVER. You wonder, “Can someone actually talk with oneself?” Talking with self is called contemplation where you are focused to feel a concept or a problem till its ultimate consequence. This indirectly helps you make wise decisions for living a successful life.

I am feeling bored has no solution because complaints have no solution. Complaint is a feeling, an attitude and is nonspecific. It is a must to convert your complaint into a problem which is attainable, measurable and is specific. Perhaps you need a shift in your approach towards living a smooth life. There are two focus areas. The first is entertaining yourself and that’s possible by having video calls with your friends, playing some indoor games and watching various programs or movies on tv. 

The second focus is to reinvent yourself. Lockdown time is to contemplate what all you have done in the past and what exactly you want to do in the future. Accordingly focus to develop your worth, redefine your strategic planning and develop speed to have a smooth success for all your future endeavours.

How to avoid a burnout during work from home?

Work from home was the hidden desire of many. Now Corona has made it mandatory and people are feeling the discomfort. In a way it is the dream come true. Culturally those people who owned the job responsibility are feeling much better than those who were dependent on instructions. Many people under the cover of responsibility only give instruction which makes the team directly dependent on the senior.

As the first step while working from home, learn to own the responsibility – share with your seniors the process – means how will you do the job. His confirmation to your process will give you a sense of confidence and there will be no burnout at all.

The second important reason for burnout while working from home is lack of discipline. The best benefit of working from home is saving on travel time and energy which must be taken as a blessing and not as taking undue liberty and doing those odd things which were never in your planned schedule. That saved travel time must be used to develop your worth.

How to overcome COVID depression?

Covid has shaken the whole world. During our school days we had learnt about epidemics but Covid has been expressed as a pandemic. An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region. A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread to multiple countries or continents across the world, really. Most of the people have lost their jobs or have incurred heavy losses in their business thus have entered a state of depression because of Covid.

What exactly is the cause of Covid depression? Though people have a misconception that depression is being experienced because of what has happened in the present, the fact is that the current situation is not responsible for depression. People by and large have been programmed to imagine negative consequences as a reaction to what has happened in the present moment. Their focus is to imagine death as a consequence because of Covid. What you have considered the consequences as the negative imagination is perhaps, just one option only.

To every situation there can be many options. A large number of the people who had been infected with Covid have recovered as well. The need is to focus on positive and constructive options as well. When you do that then positive and constructive resources also happen on your way to manage the situation. The moment you have defined the strategic planning towards the positive and the constructive outcome, the depression simply disappears.

How to Deal with Covid Anxiety?

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what is to come next. The first day of school, going to a job interview, giving a speech or what will happen if I get infected with Covid, may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous. Anxiety will take you away from the present and you start accepting your imagination that the worst is going to happen while the fact is nothing has happened in reality.

A person jumped from the 50th floor of a building and of course died. After postmortem the cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest because of the fear of death and not the head injury or multiple fractures. Anxiety indeed aggravates any disease and you start suffering what could have been avoided. Anxiety is the first step and then the panic takes over and becomes the biggest killer in this world and not any disease. Why die before death comes?

Perhaps you are aware that healing is a natural process. In the common man’s language the medicines prevent further spread of the disease. Even for treating the fracture, the bones are kept in the right position and immobilised – and the healing is always natural. For healing one needs a strong immunity but anxiety snatches away your immunity power. Your focus must be to build up your immune system and focus to take all the precautions. A healthy diet and regular exercise will boost your immunity. Vitamine C and Zinc are helpful in boosting your immune system. Drinking plenty of water will indirectly dilute the negative effects of Covid as well. Accepting and living in the present is the biggest immunity booster.

Choosing a Career – The Elimination Process

In this ever changing world, there are so many career and business options which add to the confusion of the people. At times, in spite of their best efforts they are unable to decide what exactly to do in their life. In that case it is wise to adopt the elimination process.

Just identify around 10 career or business options which you feel you might like. For each option identify two persons each – the one who has 5 years experience and then one who has 30 years of experience in that line.

Even you can find these characters in some movies which you can explore. Now, put yourself in the role of the first person who has 5 years of experience and then in the role of the second person who has 30 years of experience.

Now ask yourself a question, “Am I happy if I were him today?” If the answer is NO then that option has been eliminated. Likewise explore all the options till you feel like saying YES to a particular option. If you don’t find YES to any option then continue with the elimination process and one day what you truly aspire to do will also appear.

How to convert a hobby into profit?

It is an old saying that love your job and you will never feel tired. Most of the people start their career or business on the advice of parents, teachers, friends or sometimes they even copy someone and then start. Thus most of the people are rarely happy and remain unhappy for the rest of their life. But Today I am going to share with you a very simple process to live a happy and a fulfilling life.

Identify your hobbies. Hobby is the activity which you enjoy in your free time but when you organise that activity and make it constructive to have a valuable outcome then it becomes your passion. Passion might give you happiness but may not give you money to pay your bills. It is essential to convert your passion into compassion which means adding value in the life of others with the same passion. People will pay you money for your product or service only when you add value in their life.

Please focus which of your hobbies when converted into passion and then compassion can add high value to others: adopt that as your business or profession; you will never be short of money and will also lead a very happy and fulfilling life.

How to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is a natural phenomenon because of three primary reasons. The first one is the lack of priority. Ask yourself, “Why do I need to do this?’ If the logic is strong then it is a sure sign that you can not procrastinate but if the logic is weak then why to do it in the first place itself.

The second reason is the fear of failure and accordingly the third one is lack of thorough preparation. Just as an analogy; when you cook a dish, the final delicious taste can only be experienced when the dish is ready but even during it’s semi final stage it is perhaps not worth eating – tasteless. Same is true with your tasks, most of the people are afraid of the negative final outcome. Accepting the failure before it is declared is mere foolishness. Perhaps the final touch, the fine tuning is a must to get the most desirable results. This fear of failure leads to procrastination.

But how to overcome the fear of failure thus how to overcome procrastination. The process is simple and practical. Define the goal clearly and specifically – define the logic on why you want to do it; develop an elaborate strategic planning. The most important point is not to initiate the performance till you gain step by step clarity of the strategic planning. This process will instill in you the powerful motivation and you will have no reason to procrastinate at all.

Learn to gain depth, prepare for the future

In life there comes a situation when you are unable to finalise the career of your choice. There is a family and peer pressure that you can not sit idle. What to do in that case? One option is to remain depressed and give poor performance in the current job or business or studies.

The second wise option is to start doing whatever comes your way. You may not have any interest in doing that job or studying that subject at all. But you have the golden opportunity to learn how to gain depth in any subject. Learning the subject and learning on how to gain depth are entirely two different areas.

While studying my medical subjects I learnt how to gain depth. That precisely is the reason I could implement the learning on how to gain depth at speed while understanding and learning the basic principles of management and even spirituality. This prepared me to mentor ambitious leaders and also help the spiritual seekers with answers to their unanswered questions in their life.

Are you aware of the dangers of will power?

I have heard many people say after the death of their dear one that he had a strong will power. Perhaps that precisely was the reason for his death. When a person has a heart attack and he tells himself that he is having a strong will power and so climbs a flight of stairs; and thus collapses. While the fact is that when someone has a heart attack then even taking a single step can be disastrous. The rule is just to sit or lie down wherever you are at that moment.

Just focus to understand. Will means desire and desire is emotional. Emotions have a weak base and on that weak base, you install power thus everything just collapses. Instead of emotions you must make the best use of logic. The need is not to focus on your will power but on your determination which is a well calculated disciplined move. Instead of will power which is the power of mind, focus on the spiritual power by being aware of everything around you.

The spiritual power is the power that enables you to remove the barrier of negative emotions with inner strength and calm authority and let positivity illuminate your path in the ups and downs of the journey of your life. Spiritual power can prolong life and will even give you abundance of strength to deal with your situations.

What to do when you are wrong?

People normally focus to avoid being exposed when they do something wrong. They feel that they would feel highly embarrassed when people know that they have done something wrong. Is it true?

The rule is to admit when you are wrong. The fact is when you admit when you are wrong then people develop more regards for you. Their trust in your intentions and competence is firmly established because they are fully aware that if something wrong happens then you will admit.

Indirectly that means that they accept everything else that you are doing as something genuine and authentic. That directly adds to more power in your relationship with them.