How to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is a natural phenomenon because of three primary reasons. The first one is the lack of priority. Ask yourself, “Why do I need to do this?’ If the logic is strong then it is a sure sign that you can not procrastinate but if the logic is weak then why to do it in the first place itself.

The second reason is the fear of failure and accordingly the third one is lack of thorough preparation. Just as an analogy; when you cook a dish, the final delicious taste can only be experienced when the dish is ready but even during it’s semi final stage it is perhaps not worth eating – tasteless. Same is true with your tasks, most of the people are afraid of the negative final outcome. Accepting the failure before it is declared is mere foolishness. Perhaps the final touch, the fine tuning is a must to get the most desirable results. This fear of failure leads to procrastination.

But how to overcome the fear of failure thus how to overcome procrastination. The process is simple and practical. Define the goal clearly and specifically – define the logic on why you want to do it; develop an elaborate strategic planning. The most important point is not to initiate the performance till you gain step by step clarity of the strategic planning. This process will instill in you the powerful motivation and you will have no reason to procrastinate at all.

Learn to gain depth, prepare for the future

In life there comes a situation when you are unable to finalise the career of your choice. There is a family and peer pressure that you can not sit idle. What to do in that case? One option is to remain depressed and give poor performance in the current job or business or studies.

The second wise option is to start doing whatever comes your way. You may not have any interest in doing that job or studying that subject at all. But you have the golden opportunity to learn how to gain depth in any subject. Learning the subject and learning on how to gain depth are entirely two different areas.

While studying my medical subjects I learnt how to gain depth. That precisely is the reason I could implement the learning on how to gain depth at speed while understanding and learning the basic principles of management and even spirituality. This prepared me to mentor ambitious leaders and also help the spiritual seekers with answers to their unanswered questions in their life.

Are you aware of the dangers of will power?

I have heard many people say after the death of their dear one that he had a strong will power. Perhaps that precisely was the reason for his death. When a person has a heart attack and he tells himself that he is having a strong will power and so climbs a flight of stairs; and thus collapses. While the fact is that when someone has a heart attack then even taking a single step can be disastrous. The rule is just to sit or lie down wherever you are at that moment.

Just focus to understand. Will means desire and desire is emotional. Emotions have a weak base and on that weak base, you install power thus everything just collapses. Instead of emotions you must make the best use of logic. The need is not to focus on your will power but on your determination which is a well calculated disciplined move. Instead of will power which is the power of mind, focus on the spiritual power by being aware of everything around you.

The spiritual power is the power that enables you to remove the barrier of negative emotions with inner strength and calm authority and let positivity illuminate your path in the ups and downs of the journey of your life. Spiritual power can prolong life and will even give you abundance of strength to deal with your situations.

What to do when you are wrong?

People normally focus to avoid being exposed when they do something wrong. They feel that they would feel highly embarrassed when people know that they have done something wrong. Is it true?

The rule is to admit when you are wrong. The fact is when you admit when you are wrong then people develop more regards for you. Their trust in your intentions and competence is firmly established because they are fully aware that if something wrong happens then you will admit.

Indirectly that means that they accept everything else that you are doing as something genuine and authentic. That directly adds to more power in your relationship with them.

What is the true meaning of success?

Success means different things to different people. For somebody success means earning millions while for others success means achieving some high position in the society while for still others success simply means sitting next to the Holy river and living a meditative life. What exactly does success mean to you?

It has been observed that most people have no focus to define exactly what they want in their life. While in school their subjects are decided either by their parents or the teachers. When they complete their studies they normally ask their friends, “What should I do in my life?” Job or the business is decided by other people in their life. That precisely is the reason they never feel happiness in their life.

Just focus on you and you only, even without focusing on the resources because the resources can always be generated. Define exactly what you want in your life because this life is yours only. Define your passion and the kind of life you want to live. That precisely will help you decide the success areas you are looking for. And you will find the ultimate happiness in your life.

Secret to uninterrupted productivity

Remaining busy does not establish your productivity. Maybe you are doing unproductive work. There is no point in remaining busy for long hours and producing a little or no outcome. It’s wise to generate big results by investing less time and other resources. But how?

Productivity is directly linked with the outcome and not with performance. For a productive outcome you must be clear about your goals. Remember the old saying that, not failures but low aim is a crime. Have the highest aim and then develop the strategic planning to achieve that. The most important is to define why you want to achieve this goal you have agreed upon. The logic why you want to achieve it will establish your conviction which will add speed to the process of your goal achievement.

Productivity comes through high value work for which you must focus to develop your worth and then add value in the lives of those people who actually need your input. But remember the people who believe in doing multitasking are always least productive. For doing a high value contribution short breaks are a must to rejuvenate yourself.

How to have in-depth learning?

Living in samarpan is the best way to excel in learning. Samarpan means 100% non-judgemental grateful acceptance in what your mentor is helping you learn. The fact is you have decided to learn from the mentor because you don’t have depth on the subject. You have no power to judge or challenge your mentor on that subject.

Sometimes when you are in dark, you might feel that you have been buried but the fact is you have been planted and the seed in you with the nurtured wisdom will just bloom and blossom. The moment you become judgmental your mind is blocked and the learning is restricted thus your further initiative is killed. The tragedy is that it also blocks the mind of the mentor and he will also share only those things which you like to hear, leading to a heavy loss in learning as well.

Remember your trust can move mountains and your doubts can create those as well. Thus the simple but powerful rule is to live in 100% non-judgemental grateful acceptance while learning.

Do you want standard of life or quality of life?

Standard of living, refers to the level of wealth, comfort, material goods, and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class or geographic area. Standard of life is focused primarily on the physical comforts based on the outside sources where as a person you have no control. Thus the pleasure received keeps on fluctuating because pleasures and sufferings are two sides of the same coin only.

Quality of life is a highly subjective measure of happiness which is an important component of many financial decisions. Factors that play a role in the quality of life vary according to personal preferences, but they often include financial independence, job satisfaction, family life, health, and safety. Quality of life is focused on living the life of your choice while standard of life is based on the life of others around you. Quality of life means you are managing all life situations from the base of bliss from within.

How not to interfere?

The general manager of a company was feeling highly disturbed. He was helping his team members and team members were taking his help as his interference. He said, I don’t know what to do?

I asked him, if you know beforehand that this help of yours will be taken as interference or involvement then how would you feel? He said that will be great.

I told him, there is a secret behind it, who takes the initiative? If the initiative of your help is taken by them then it is almost a sure sign that they will take your help as involvement but if the initiative of your help is taken by you only then there is every possibility that your help is taken as interference.

There is a simple rule to it. Tell them exactly what you can do for them, just make an offer regarding your valuable contribution and then wait for the invitation as their initiative.

The secret on how to listen

Being a good listener helps to boost productivity, build up your confidence and minimizes stress? Like many people, do you also have the habit to respond to what the other person is saying, while listening?

Perhaps, you are not aware that this approach to listening ruins the outcome. The other person is practically confused regarding what you are saying because your message is not synchronizing with what he has said. Does it make sense to you?

There is a powerful hidden message in the word listen only. When you rearrange the letters of the word listen you find the most important quality one must have to listen and that is silent, I repeat SILENT. Silently listen to the whole message first and then only plan your response and feel the miraculous outcome in your renewed relationship.