How to stay focused in the new year?

NEW means Nurture Excellent Wisdom. As the first step, for staying focused you need to remove all distractions – find a calm and an uncluttered place. Contemplate and define your goals clearly and specifically. Identify between 3 – 5 options to achieve your goals. Thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons for each option and then define the strategic planning to achieve your goals which may be a combination of multiple options as well.

In addition as a daily habit listen to the music and do exercises regularly as these indirectly program your mind to stay balanced. Define your priorities and then prioritise your priorities so that the unnecessary clutter of your mind simply disappears. Develop the habit of making policy decisions as this way your mind is always free to focus on your current situation.

How to manage a boss with high ego?

Ego practically means Esteem Gets Offended. Normally people who are strong and have depth of life, are down to earth and respect the feelings of everyone around. But a weak boss always has a high ego. Though he has an inferiority complex but behaves superior to cover up his shortcomings.

While managing a boss with high ego, you must remember that he must be given a feeling that he has the required wisdom on the subject. The rule is, never to attack his ego by challenging his knowledge BUT instead share with him 3-5 options focused towards the solution of the current problem or management of the current project. Share all the pros and the cons with the relevant logic. And seek his opinion. I repeat – seek his opinion.

Let him have the feeling that it is his idea only. This way you have saved him from the embarrassment by giving him a feeling that he knows the subject well. As a result he will feel more regard for your presence in his life and will have the priority focus to maintain his relationship with you.

How to overcome anger by forgiving others?

To get freedom from anger, one must learn how to forgive. Winners always give, give, give and forgive as well while the losers are always focused to get, get, get and then forget. This way even the other people also forget them.

When someone is doing harm to you or even cheating you then you feel hurt and even deeply hurt: the feeling of revenge happens in your mind. Then you also recall that revenge is an inhuman expression thus you feel confused in the process. You don’t know exactly what to do because anger will only torture you more and more while the other person is not even aware of this. The fact is, it is not possible to forget because the more you attempt to forget, the more it penetrates deep into your memory. And you get more hurt and more disturbed as well. The only way to overcome anger is to forgive but HOW?

You learn only when you move out of your comfort zone. For experiential learning you need to do something different and perhaps tougher than your routine. What the other person has done to you is certainly tougher than your routine expectations. Instead of feeling hurt just focus what you have learnt in the process. Once the learning is defined clearly and specifically, you feel grateful to that person for giving you that exposure and the feeling of revenge thus the anger from within simply disappears.

How to solve problems through mind mapping?

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts in the process of solving problems or defining the strategic planning for goal achievement. On a blank page do write the goal you want to achieve in the center, along with the deadline to achieve that goal. Within your mind do focus on various ideas and randomly write the first idea somewhere around the goal. Then do focus on the second idea. If that is a part of the same idea as above then create a group of ideas otherwise write the second idea also somewhere around the goal.

Same way keep on contemplating about various ideas and do write either separately or under some group. Please focus, that all the similar ideas are mentioned within one group. This way you have defined multiple groups around the goal and multiple ideas relevant to each group.

Now write the deadline against each group and also against each idea under that group. You need to work on the strategic planning to achieve each step of each goal and subgoal accordingly. A strong follow up at each level is essential. For each strategic plan, a backup plan one and backup plan two are also a must. This will lead to a stress free and a smooth journey towards your success.

Remember to focus on these areas:
What logical sequence do these sub goals need?
Do the least amount of steps possible. It is too easy to put in too many steps and complicate things. Question whether all the steps are necessary – is there a quicker route? Concentrate on the smallest amount of activities that will have the largest impact on achieving your goal, but without missing anything essential.

How not to bargain?

Many people in this world have the habit of bargaining. They feel that they will get benefited by bargaining which perhaps is not true. Even the other party is also aware of the bargaining habits of the buyers so possibly the price is increased because nobody wants to do business in loss.

The word bargain conveys the meaning: to bar the gain – means the gain must be stopped. During the process of bargaining the focus is only on the price and not on the quality at all. And the people who are not aware of the quality get heavily cheated in the process.

Negotiations means to negate – to nullify the negativity in the deal. During the negotiation, the focus is on the need and the quality. Share with the other person your need and the relevant quality you are looking for then that person will genuinely share with you the relevant options. Sometimes after negotiations, the clients end up paying more as well only because they get the quality they were looking for.

How to be ambitious yet stay content?

It’s an old saying that “Not failures but low aim is a crime.” It has been seen that the ambitious people are normally struggling within their minds which in turn directly affect their performance as well. But the fact is “Contentment is either here now or never.”

Contentment is not a goal to be achieved but it is a way of life. It has been observed that a wealthy lady will not wear jewellery possibly because she knows how to get it when required. And she feels that she doesn’t need a show off also. She indeed is living a life full of contentment. So the best method to be ambitious yet stay content is: do self contemplation and define the highest goal of your life, then develop a strategic planning on how to achieve it.

Once the solution is visible then the mind is totally relaxed and is free from any anxiety or stress. Because now you know how to get what you want so as a result it will lead you to live a life full of contentment. Stay blessed, stay focused.

How to transfer your wisdom to others?

How to transfer your wisdom to others is perhaps the burning need of many. You want that your team members or family members make the best use of your wisdom. Perhaps  you need to tell them to do the same thing time and again which indeed is frustrating. You need to gain clarity on the wisdom transfer process.

When you share with them, your wisdom or your understanding on a particular topic, for them that is knowledge but not their understanding. It will become their understanding only when they implement that newly acquired knowledge in one of their situations.

When they implement that knowledge in at least five of their situations then only it will become their wisdom. They gain more and more depth as they implement that knowledge in more and more of their situations. And when they implement that knowledge in hundreds of situations belonging to others then they become professionals on the subject with the depth of their wisdom.

How to switch off and on my mind?

Decision making is an integral part of human behavior. Every decision is taken by the mind which indeed is the functional base of all human operations. All your body parts rest when not in use but the mind of most of the people keeps on working all 24 hours without any rest. An exhausted mind can lead to wrong decisions, made without considering all the consequences.

How would you feel if you learned how to switch off and on your mind? Your mind needs to be peaceful, fresh and full of energy all the time so that you can live a blissfully successful life. Let’s focus on the easy-to-understand and practical-to-implement method to switch off and on your mind.

Step no 1 – Welcome all the ideas: For about 30 minutes every day – sit with closed eyes, back straight either crossed legs on the floor or on a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Focus to take long and deep breaths. Observe the flow of the ideas coming in your mind and going out as well. Just like running water is always fresh so flow of the ideas will keep your mind fresh. After about a month, during the flow of this process, you will experience that all the irrelevant ideas have stopped coming to your mind.

Step no 2 – Feel the idea in depth. Now you need to pick up the first idea that comes to your mind and then feel it in depth which means once implemented what will be the consequences for the next 50 years or till the ultimate life of that idea. Focus to feel all the pros and cons related to that idea in depth.

Step no 3 – Dispose off the idea by making a policy decision: Visualise all the pros and cons of each consequence and ask yourself , “Do I accept this consequence or not?” This will help you make a policy decision which means your decision in similar situations in the future as well. You will be surprised that once you make a policy decision then many more similar ideas also get disposed off.

Now work on the next idea and again visualise all the pros and cons of each consequence and make a policy decision as well. Gradually you have disposed off all the past and current ideas thus your mind level is raised leading to a dam like situation. Your mind is peaceful like the lake behind and also fresh because of the regular flow of ideas just as the water is released through the turbines of the dam with full force and energy. Thus your mind is resting in switching off position. When a new idea or the problem comes then your mind is in the ON position leading to the opening of gates of the dam of the mind and the problem is managed with full force and energy. Practice this till it becomes your working belief.

How to manage time – a powerful tip?

Time management is the priority need of every person who is ambitious and responsible. Every person in this world has one thing in common – whether the person is a teacher or a businessman or an actor or student or a bureaucrat or a politician or the one who has earned millions or has lost millions has one thing in common – that’s 24 hours in one day. How wisely you are able to manage time will decide your prosperity.

Whatever you want to do in your life, you need energy. If with energy, money is also combined then you feel complete in the process. That means you are investing your money and energy. And the Total Investment of Money and Energy is called TIME – T.I.M.E. – Total Investment of Money and Energy. The spelling of TIME has investment in it which means you get something in return. TIME does not have S or W – spending or wasting in it.

A simple tip is: before doing anything simply ask yourself a question, “What am I getting out of what I am doing?” And if the answer is “NOTHING” then don’t do it. Simple! This way you will be able to save a lot of your precious time from being wasted.

How to develop the Power of Conviction?

Conviction has its origin from the word convince. People have the tendency to convince others, possibly to fulfill their own desires or goals. The fact is that people, by and large, do not like to be convinced but they get convinced on their own which indeed is their decision and not yours. You can’t compel a person to make a decision.

Decision happens on its own accord when the logic is clear and specific. Logic means the relevant reason matching the specific need of the person. Logic is not available in books because books can only represent something that happened in the past. Convincing self with a clear and a specific logic on the subject you want to share with others will lead to conviction.

Conviction is the state of mind of a person who is sure that what he or she believes or says is true. It is the state of being free from doubt, conviction applies especially to belief strongly held by an individual. The base of that belief is the logic.

When you talk with conviction then the other person is completely mesmerized and has no reason to reject you or challenge your words or the message. There is an old saying, “Practice what you preach.” Your working belief on what you want to convey, is the true representation of conviction.