Choosing a Career – The Elimination Process

In this ever changing world, there are so many career and business options which add to the confusion of the people. At times, in spite of their best efforts they are unable to decide what exactly to do in their life. In that case it is wise to adopt the elimination process.

Just identify around 10 career or business options which you feel you might like. For each option identify two persons each – the one who has 5 years experience and then one who has 30 years of experience in that line.

Even you can find these characters in some movies which you can explore. Now, put yourself in the role of the first person who has 5 years of experience and then in the role of the second person who has 30 years of experience.

Now ask yourself a question, “Am I happy if I were him today?” If the answer is NO then that option has been eliminated. Likewise explore all the options till you feel like saying YES to a particular option. If you don’t find YES to any option then continue with the elimination process and one day what you truly aspire to do will also appear.