How do winners plan their time?

Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day. If you take the average of the whole year including all holidays and weekends etc, the normal working day is equal to 6 hours per day. That means you have four working days equivalent in 24 hours.

The first working day you must devote to your job or the business. The second working day is meant for rest. The third working day is focused on your routine activities. And the fourth working day which has the same power of the first working day is meant for self development.

Daily plan is too tight to follow and the monthly plan is too loose. It is wise to focus on the weekly plans. That means plan for 168 hours of the week – 42 hours in each category. Always keep 10% time unplanned to meet any emergency – say 16 hours per week remain unplanned. So you need to plan 38 hours in each category.

By drawing the lines divide A4 size paper in four parts. On top of the page write : 20% gets 80% and focus only on the important effective 20% of your goals. Allocate each part to each category. Identify all the activities in each category and define how much time you feel you will devote for the fulfillment of that activity. Allocate the time relevant to each activity within a permissible limit of 38 hours per category. At the end of the A4 size paper write – Weekly Analysis.

Suppose you have visualised that for a particular activity you will need 3 hours but could complete that only in 2 hours or you have taken 5 hours to complete that. After performance do write how much time you have taken. After weekly analysis do plan for the next week and so on. It might take six months before what you have visualised starts matching the actual time taken.