How not to bargain?

Many people in this world have the habit of bargaining. They feel that they will get benefited by bargaining which perhaps is not true. Even the other party is also aware of the bargaining habits of the buyers so possibly the price is increased because nobody wants to do business in loss.

The word bargain conveys the meaning: to bar the gain – means the gain must be stopped. During the process of bargaining the focus is only on the price and not on the quality at all. And the people who are not aware of the quality get heavily cheated in the process.

Negotiations means to negate – to nullify the negativity in the deal. During the negotiation, the focus is on the need and the quality. Share with the other person your need and the relevant quality you are looking for then that person will genuinely share with you the relevant options. Sometimes after negotiations, the clients end up paying more as well only because they get the quality they were looking for.