How to avoid a burnout during work from home?

Work from home was the hidden desire of many. Now Corona has made it mandatory and people are feeling the discomfort. In a way it is the dream come true. Culturally those people who owned the job responsibility are feeling much better than those who were dependent on instructions. Many people under the cover of responsibility only give instruction which makes the team directly dependent on the senior.

As the first step while working from home, learn to own the responsibility – share with your seniors the process – means how will you do the job. His confirmation to your process will give you a sense of confidence and there will be no burnout at all.

The second important reason for burnout while working from home is lack of discipline. The best benefit of working from home is saving on travel time and energy which must be taken as a blessing and not as taking undue liberty and doing those odd things which were never in your planned schedule. That saved travel time must be used to develop your worth.