How to build up your 100% concentration?

Many seniors keep on telling their juniors to have 100% concentration while working. Parents normally yell at their children to study with full concentration. Is it practically possible to develop concentration as a conscious effort? NO, it is simply neither possible nor practical. The fact is concentration has no existence of its own, it is only a reaction to something.

Why do you want to have concentrate? What is logic? The moment you define your logic to get what you exactly want then your need is defined. Only a well-defined need will lead to full concentration. While playing Tambola everyone is having full concentration to know about the terms and conditions regarding various lines and the houses. While filling up your form to apply for the visa you have full concentration because of your need to go to the country of your choice. You are fully aware that just one mistake and your visa will be rejected.

So if you want to have full concentration during your day-to-day performance then your primary focus must be to define each and every aspect of your need – specific and to the point.