How to convert a hobby into profit?

It is an old saying that love your job and you will never feel tired. Most of the people start their career or business on the advice of parents, teachers, friends or sometimes they even copy someone and then start. Thus most of the people are rarely happy and remain unhappy for the rest of their life. But Today I am going to share with you a very simple process to live a happy and a fulfilling life.

Identify your hobbies. Hobby is the activity which you enjoy in your free time but when you organise that activity and make it constructive to have a valuable outcome then it becomes your passion. Passion might give you happiness but may not give you money to pay your bills. It is essential to convert your passion into compassion which means adding value in the life of others with the same passion. People will pay you money for your product or service only when you add value in their life.

Please focus which of your hobbies when converted into passion and then compassion can add high value to others: adopt that as your business or profession; you will never be short of money and will also lead a very happy and fulfilling life.