How to cope with work overload?

The first focus is on self. Define your goal clearly and specifically. Convert your competence into skill. Competence means you can do the job well but skill means you can do the same job in much less time. This way you will be able to save your energy and time.

The second focus is your team. The fact is that you are excellent in doing your job at speed while your team is not as excellent as you are. They might be able to complete only 70% of what you can do. If you have 5 team members then collectively they can deliver 350% while your 100% capacity is still with you.

You must delegate the respective work to your team members, precisely they have been appointed to do the same only. Remember the secret, if someone can do a work for you then never do it yourself – this way you are also helping the other person with an opportunity to develop further as well.

The third focus is that either you are not competent to do that work or you have no time to do it. In that case it is wise to outsource the job to some professional or a skilled person. Just remember that if you are doing work which someone can do at a lower price then you are downgrading your worth. When you implement these three secrets you will be surprised to experience more time and energy at your disposal.