How to deal with failure?

Success and failures are two sides of the same coin. If you are focusing on the success then unknowingly you have also invited failure. Failure indeed is an expression of research and development. In my life I have labelled every tough situation and thus the failures as my research and development. Research and development indeed is the positive expression of all the negative that has been done thus gives the positive energy.

Even Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before the electric bulb was invented. He did not feel bad but said that he had 1000 steps to achieve success. In other words he learnt 1000 ways by which the electric bulb could not be made. You have the opportunity to learn from every failure – what went wrong and what is not to be repeated becomes crystal clear.

Even a lion steps back before attacking on his prey. Thus the so-called failure is indeed a step back to assess each and every step which helps you finally redefine and reorganise your strategic planning to achieve your success.