How to develop closeness yet maintain distance?

A manager was ambitious and wanted to become a leader. On his next assignment, he focused to generate closeness with his subordinates. But alas the distance was gone. His subordinates took him for granted, ignored his instructions, and took him for a ride. He never wanted to get closeness at this heavy cost. So during his next assignment, he focused to maintain distance. Now people were afraid to talk with him and were avoiding him most of the time. He was confused. He didn’t know what to do. One day he came across this statement. Almost everybody in this world has one common problem, “Nobody understands me”.  And when you will help him understand that you understand him then he will feel close to you.

People feel they are understood in two situations. One when you praise them and second when you listen to them. So praise them genuinely, ask a linked question, and listen intently. This way you will be able to generate closeness in the relationship. One word replacement for the distance is respect. This means the other person must respect you under all circumstances.

It is wisdom never to share your personal feelings or situation with other people unless you trust them 100%. This is the best way to develop closeness and yet maintain distance.