How to establish good system?

What do we mean, by a good system? Let’s first understand a simple process on how to make tea. Define and gather all the ingredients first, that is, tea leaves, sugar, milk, tea masala, tea making pan, gas stove, tea strainer, cups, wash basin and so on. While making tea, if everything you need during the process is within the range of your arms and that too without moving any step, then of course it is a good system. Imagine if everything you need is at a distance from the gas stove then it is a bad system because your precious energy and time are just being wasted in moving around.

Just remember your experience while buying a subway sandwich. Everything you want is within the arms range of the serving executive. You tell him to put around 16 different kinds of salads plus the required sauces. With so much inside, you can not hold the sandwich in your hands and eat so they wrap the prepared sandwich in a paper with a gentle pressure. When you open the wrapper you can easily hold the sandwich in your hands and eat. That’s again a good system. A good system practically means saving your time, energy and every precious resource from being wasted, in the process of achieving your well conceived goals.