How to get over insult?

Who is the biggest enemy of mankind because once that enemy comes, one has sleepless nights, blood boils with anger and the peace from within is completely shattered and that enemy is an insult but let me ask you a simple question, “Can anybody in the world insult you? Or you yourself are feeling insulted?” The fact is nobody can insult you and because only you yourself feel insulted so only you need to focus on your behavior as that indeed needs to be developed.

Insult indeed is an attack on your ego – your self-respect. EGO means Esteem Gets Offended. Insult basically is the gap between expectations and reality. When you get less than expected then you feel insulted but when you get more than your expectations then you feel loved and respected. Others can only respect you for those qualities which they have experienced with you.

The best way to get over an insult is to live at zero level means no expectations at all. Care for people and they will respect you for all those qualities which they have experienced. The best way to get over an insult is to live without any expectations at all – at zero levels only.