How to have in-depth learning?

Living in samarpan is the best way to excel in learning. Samarpan means 100% non-judgemental grateful acceptance in what your mentor is helping you learn. The fact is you have decided to learn from the mentor because you don’t have depth on the subject. You have no power to judge or challenge your mentor on that subject.

Sometimes when you are in dark, you might feel that you have been buried but the fact is you have been planted and the seed in you with the nurtured wisdom will just bloom and blossom. The moment you become judgmental your mind is blocked and the learning is restricted thus your further initiative is killed. The tragedy is that it also blocks the mind of the mentor and he will also share only those things which you like to hear, leading to a heavy loss in learning as well.

Remember your trust can move mountains and your doubts can create those as well. Thus the simple but powerful rule is to live in 100% non-judgemental grateful acceptance while learning.