How to keep healthy space with colleagues?

Every senior person will tell his subordinates to maintain distance while dealing with clients or even other members of the team. Even parents tell their daughters to maintain distance while being away on a tour. What exactly do they mean by the word distance? The one-word replacement of the word distance is respect – means behave in a way so that the other person respects you under all circumstances.

The best and the easiest way to earn respect is to develop a helping attitude as the first step – means help people without linking that help with any of your needs and to maintain that respect, never share your weak points which means physical handicaps – physical handicap means something you don’t know which is a must for you to justify your job.

Never share your weaknesses which means emotional handicaps because people will exploit your emotions and thus your respect will be gone. Never share your personal problems as then indirectly you have given them the freedom to interfere in your personal matters. Never open your heart unless you trust the person. And never criticize others as by doing so you are encouraging the other person to think, speak, or act against you. In all three situations, your respect will be minimized in their eyes.

And one more relevant piece of wisdom. Avoid putting demands on them because people don’t feel comfortable to be disturbed time and again. If you have a list of ten demands then give them a list of ten demands at one time only as that way the other person will perceive that as one demand and will be in a better position to organize his day. This way you will be able to maintain distance yet be close with your colleagues.