How to live your 100% Concentration?

Building up your 100% concentration is different than practicing 100% concentration. Many people confuse living 100% concentration all the time. You must have heard people in love saying, “I want to live every moment of my life with you.”
Is it possible to live with any person, subject, or project all 24 hours or throughout your life?” Practically it is not possible. If you are to live with someone, every moment then your life will become hell.

Just imagine a situation – you want to discuss something very important with your senior. When you go to his room he is busy doing something. And he says “Keep on speaking, I am listening”. Practically you are with him for about an hour but are you feeling satisfied? NO. If he stops all of his work and asks you to share your concern. He has given you only 2 minutes but has given you his 100%, you feel satisfied.

The fact is people only want you when they need you and not all the time. You must give your 100% to the person or the project even if it is only for 1 minute. That precisely is the only way to live your 100% concentration.