How to manage a boss with high ego?

Ego practically means Esteem Gets Offended. Normally people who are strong and have depth of life, are down to earth and respect the feelings of everyone around. But a weak boss always has a high ego. Though he has an inferiority complex but behaves superior to cover up his shortcomings.

While managing a boss with high ego, you must remember that he must be given a feeling that he has the required wisdom on the subject. The rule is, never to attack his ego by challenging his knowledge BUT instead share with him 3-5 options focused towards the solution of the current problem or management of the current project. Share all the pros and the cons with the relevant logic. And seek his opinion. I repeat – seek his opinion.

Let him have the feeling that it is his idea only. This way you have saved him from the embarrassment by giving him a feeling that he knows the subject well. As a result he will feel more regard for your presence in his life and will have the priority focus to maintain his relationship with you.