How to overcome anger by forgiving others?

To get freedom from anger, one must learn how to forgive. Winners always give, give, give and forgive as well while the losers are always focused to get, get, get and then forget. This way even the other people also forget them.

When someone is doing harm to you or even cheating you then you feel hurt and even deeply hurt: the feeling of revenge happens in your mind. Then you also recall that revenge is an inhuman expression thus you feel confused in the process. You don’t know exactly what to do because anger will only torture you more and more while the other person is not even aware of this. The fact is, it is not possible to forget because the more you attempt to forget, the more it penetrates deep into your memory. And you get more hurt and more disturbed as well. The only way to overcome anger is to forgive but HOW?

You learn only when you move out of your comfort zone. For experiential learning you need to do something different and perhaps tougher than your routine. What the other person has done to you is certainly tougher than your routine expectations. Instead of feeling hurt just focus what you have learnt in the process. Once the learning is defined clearly and specifically, you feel grateful to that person for giving you that exposure and the feeling of revenge thus the anger from within simply disappears.