How to overcome COVID depression?

Covid has shaken the whole world. During our school days we had learnt about epidemics but Covid has been expressed as a pandemic. An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region. A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread to multiple countries or continents across the world, really. Most of the people have lost their jobs or have incurred heavy losses in their business thus have entered a state of depression because of Covid.

What exactly is the cause of Covid depression? Though people have a misconception that depression is being experienced because of what has happened in the present, the fact is that the current situation is not responsible for depression. People by and large have been programmed to imagine negative consequences as a reaction to what has happened in the present moment. Their focus is to imagine death as a consequence because of Covid. What you have considered the consequences as the negative imagination is perhaps, just one option only.

To every situation there can be many options. A large number of the people who had been infected with Covid have recovered as well. The need is to focus on positive and constructive options as well. When you do that then positive and constructive resources also happen on your way to manage the situation. The moment you have defined the strategic planning towards the positive and the constructive outcome, the depression simply disappears.