How to overcome Lockdown boredom?

Because of the ongoing programming during the last so many centuries people have been programmed to remain busy in one thing or the other in their life. When they have nothing else to do then they plan to meet their friends just to gossip. Because of this Covid pandemic and the lockdown, even going out to meet people is also banned because you want to live a healthy life. That means most of your entertaining systems have just collapsed. 

If you look back in your life, you had been talking and talking with others only. Ask yourself a question, “When did I talk with myself last time?” Perhaps the answer is NEVER. You wonder, “Can someone actually talk with oneself?” Talking with self is called contemplation where you are focused to feel a concept or a problem till its ultimate consequence. This indirectly helps you make wise decisions for living a successful life.

I am feeling bored has no solution because complaints have no solution. Complaint is a feeling, an attitude and is nonspecific. It is a must to convert your complaint into a problem which is attainable, measurable and is specific. Perhaps you need a shift in your approach towards living a smooth life. There are two focus areas. The first is entertaining yourself and that’s possible by having video calls with your friends, playing some indoor games and watching various programs or movies on tv. 

The second focus is to reinvent yourself. Lockdown time is to contemplate what all you have done in the past and what exactly you want to do in the future. Accordingly focus to develop your worth, redefine your strategic planning and develop speed to have a smooth success for all your future endeavours.