How to praise someone, the right way?

Praising someone is a very delicate subject so must be done carefully. Please never praise for the sake of praising. Seek qualities of the other person like a hunter because the first point is to praise only the qualities of the person – quality practically means where the person has invested his time and energy to develop something. Be specific while praising. A clear and precise focus is essential. Only one point at a time and during that time nothing else must be discussed.

Be Honest because dishonest praise is flattery which practically nobody likes. Even a weak person will prefer to have genuine praise only. Be brief because if you keep on praising for a long time they feel embarrassed and you have often heard this expression, “please stop pulling my legs”. The maximum time to praise is 30 seconds or say a maximum of 50 words only. Sometimes even a thumb sign is enough which means well done.

Convey true feelings that are different from being honest. Being honest is a fact while your true feelings about how you feel about their achievement is rather important and touching their heart. Be spontaneous but at the right moment so that the person can feel the power of your praise and the most important is to ask a linked question and listen intently as that helps the person understand that you understand him – that’s the power of praise.