How to Prioritise your Priorities?

People are facing so many situations every day thus have little time. As a basic principle, you must define your priorities by focusing on the 80:20 rule which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your goals or the activities. That means the priority focus is only the important effective 20%. But priorities also need to be defined in the right sequence.

The priorities can be well defined in three major categories. The first is Vital which means without which it is not possible to survive even. As a broad understanding, your job or business is vital because you get all the status and living comforts because of this vital only. The second is essential which means these are important for your living and basic needs as well. Your family comes under the broad heading of essential and the third is Desirable which gives you happiness at a personal level. Your hobbies, friends, and social activities come under this category.

The fact is all three Vital, Essential and Desirable are important. These must be lived together on weekly basis but in this sequence of Vital, Essential, and desirable thus that helps you in prioritizing your priorities.