How to reprimand, the practical guide?

Reprimand is a mild scolding. Reprimanding is a highly delicate subject. When people reprimand others they have three focus areas in their minds.

First is that the other person must realize one’s mistake. Second that he must be immediately motivated for future good performance and third that he develops more regard for them because they are helping them be successful. But what happens is just the reverse. The person is not focusing on his performance but on your negative behavior, his mood is off and he is feeling demotivated to work for the next 3-4 days, and respect simply out of question. Remember that there is a difference between a person and his recent performance. The so-called wrong has been done at the level of performance and people tend to attack the person only which is not fair. So while reprimanding, discuss the performance only and never the person.

Then wrong in whose eyes? It’s too judgemental. Who decides? Age is no criteria to decide about right or wrong. Till your goal is decided the right or the wrong can never be decided.

If your performance is matching the direction of your goal it is right otherwise it is wrong or simply unacceptable and remembers that nobody plans to commit mistakes – mistakes just happen and reprimand is not meant when some mistake happens. It is wisdom to forgive others even for those mistakes which might happen after 50 years because the fear of mistakes leads to mistakes. Crime can be planned but never a mistake.