How to switch off and on my mind?

Decision making is an integral part of human behavior. Every decision is taken by the mind which indeed is the functional base of all human operations. All your body parts rest when not in use but the mind of most of the people keeps on working all 24 hours without any rest. An exhausted mind can lead to wrong decisions, made without considering all the consequences.

How would you feel if you learned how to switch off and on your mind? Your mind needs to be peaceful, fresh and full of energy all the time so that you can live a blissfully successful life. Let’s focus on the easy-to-understand and practical-to-implement method to switch off and on your mind.

Step no 1 – Welcome all the ideas: For about 30 minutes every day – sit with closed eyes, back straight either crossed legs on the floor or on a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Focus to take long and deep breaths. Observe the flow of the ideas coming in your mind and going out as well. Just like running water is always fresh so flow of the ideas will keep your mind fresh. After about a month, during the flow of this process, you will experience that all the irrelevant ideas have stopped coming to your mind.

Step no 2 – Feel the idea in depth. Now you need to pick up the first idea that comes to your mind and then feel it in depth which means once implemented what will be the consequences for the next 50 years or till the ultimate life of that idea. Focus to feel all the pros and cons related to that idea in depth.

Step no 3 – Dispose off the idea by making a policy decision: Visualise all the pros and cons of each consequence and ask yourself , “Do I accept this consequence or not?” This will help you make a policy decision which means your decision in similar situations in the future as well. You will be surprised that once you make a policy decision then many more similar ideas also get disposed off.

Now work on the next idea and again visualise all the pros and cons of each consequence and make a policy decision as well. Gradually you have disposed off all the past and current ideas thus your mind level is raised leading to a dam like situation. Your mind is peaceful like the lake behind and also fresh because of the regular flow of ideas just as the water is released through the turbines of the dam with full force and energy. Thus your mind is resting in switching off position. When a new idea or the problem comes then your mind is in the ON position leading to the opening of gates of the dam of the mind and the problem is managed with full force and energy. Practice this till it becomes your working belief.