How to unlearn stressful habits?

Learning to unlearn the stressful habits is a must because otherwise there will be a clash within your mind between what to do and what not to do. By definition, habits are something you do automatically, without any formal planning. Habits take years to be developed so is difficult to undo. But remember everything in life is difficult before that becomes easy.

It’s important for you to recognize that the old established understanding is no longer relevant or effective. You need to develop the relevant strategic planning to learn to unlearn your unwanted stressful habits. Ask yourself a question, “Why do I want to unlearn this habit?” Make an elaborate list of possible harmful effects of that particular habit and if you want to unlearn certain stressful habits then at the same time also decide which positive cum constructive value you want to adapt in your life.

Your habits have been programmed during the past many years so every time you implement your stressful habit, stop and remind yourself of the harmful effects of that particular stressful habit and promise to yourself that you will not repeat that in the future.

Perhaps you are aware that it is a must to repeat that unlearning process at least for 28 days because it takes a minimum of 28 days before a habit is formed. While promising not to implement that stressful habit also develop a clear concept of the value you want to adapt. In the same way, implements the new constrictive habit at least for 28 days.