How to win over an adamant person?

Pick up a rubber band and stretch it then stretch more and more, and there comes a point where it can not stretch anymore. And then it bounces back to the other end in less than a moment.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all are in the leadership role with someone or the other. Each one of us can have a different mindset on leading. To reach a common goal different people have different perceptions and thus different strategic planning. But, a rigid and adamant approach by the other person while completing the task can create unnecessary pressure on you and him as well. Energy gets drained in managing the pressure.

The fact is that the specific goal must be clear for the people involved in the task. And, then you as a leader, remain flexible with the process. Too many boundaries can confine a person and make him feel more stuck and frustrated. So allow the other person to stretch the string, that means encourage him to explore various options for the process to be adopted to achieve the goal both of you have agreed upon and gain more clarity on the process. There is always a limit to stretch. Gradually he will gain the ultimate clarity and will bounce back to reach the goal at great speed.