Is life the same as a career?

When you ask people about their goals in life, the normal answer is a doctor, an engineer, an IAS officer, Army,  business, etc. The question was about life while the answer is mostly about the career. Is life the same as a career?

If you take an average of job hours on an annual basis, considering all holidays and weekends, etc. A normal average working day is equal to six hours. This way you have four working days equivalent to 24 hours. The first working day is meant for your job or business. The second working day is meant for rest or sleep. The third working day is meant for your routine activities while the fourth one is meant for self-development. It has the same power as the first working day. This fourth working day helps you develop your worth which indirectly helps you excel in your first working day – your job or your business.

Many people just focus to plan their career while their life remains unplanned because their life has not been planned so the first working day means the career role and responsibilities expand to fill in all 24 hours thus there is an overlapping of their roles and responsibilities in the other parts of life because life again needs to be lived as well. Thus it is time to understand that a Career is a part of life while life is not a part of your career. Life as a whole must be planned and not only the career.