Is perfection a must for success in life?

It has been seen that the person who is a perfectionist is rarely happy. Perfection is only possible when you have well defined parameters. Moreover when you focus on perfection then you can feel happy only when the result is declared and that too if the result is positive. It is wise to strive for excellence because on that path your every next moment is better than the previous one and every moment you feel happy as well.

The fact is 100% perfection is not required for each and every activity. For routine activities even 80% quality is acceptable because possibly people don’t have the relevant competence to differentiate between 80% and 100% quality. There is no need to focus on 100% perfection because the last 20% quality needs exhaustive efforts and the outcome is rarely appreciated by anybody. The fact is that they might not have the power to judge as well.

It might be expensive to be a perfectionist and that saved money and energy can be invested to achieve so many other results.