Learn to gain depth, prepare for the future

In life there comes a situation when you are unable to finalise the career of your choice. There is a family and peer pressure that you can not sit idle. What to do in that case? One option is to remain depressed and give poor performance in the current job or business or studies.

The second wise option is to start doing whatever comes your way. You may not have any interest in doing that job or studying that subject at all. But you have the golden opportunity to learn how to gain depth in any subject. Learning the subject and learning on how to gain depth are entirely two different areas.

While studying my medical subjects I learnt how to gain depth. That precisely is the reason I could implement the learning on how to gain depth at speed while understanding and learning the basic principles of management and even spirituality. This prepared me to mentor ambitious leaders and also help the spiritual seekers with answers to their unanswered questions in their life.