Secret to uninterrupted productivity

Remaining busy does not establish your productivity. Maybe you are doing unproductive work. There is no point in remaining busy for long hours and producing a little or no outcome. It’s wise to generate big results by investing less time and other resources. But how?

Productivity is directly linked with the outcome and not with performance. For a productive outcome you must be clear about your goals. Remember the old saying that, not failures but low aim is a crime. Have the highest aim and then develop the strategic planning to achieve that. The most important is to define why you want to achieve this goal you have agreed upon. The logic why you want to achieve it will establish your conviction which will add speed to the process of your goal achievement.

Productivity comes through high value work for which you must focus to develop your worth and then add value in the lives of those people who actually need your input. But remember the people who believe in doing multitasking are always least productive. For doing a high value contribution short breaks are a must to rejuvenate yourself.