The best management skill one must have

Knowing and then learning the best management skill is the dream of many because otherwise there is a constant fight with the failure leading to frustrations. Without these primary management skills, every other skill is a waste.

A father wanted to fulfill his ambitions through his son. From son’s primary school days he had been telling him time and again to do an MBA before starting his career. Son was feeling irritated and felt management was something complicated.

Some people feel management is something tricky but the fact is it is very simple. Management means Manage Men and T means Time and the one who is managing is the Manager which means Man with Age means experience and R means relevant. The person with the relevant experience.

Now the most relevant management skill which every person must have is punctuality without which no person can succeed in one’s life. The other expression of punctuality is honoring every commitment even if it is with a so called insignificant person. Punctuality must become your working belief and thus honoring your commitment becomes one of your principals.