The secret of winning a conversation

For a winning conversation it is a must to understand the danger zones of conversations. Conversation is an integral part of life. Right conversation leads to bliss in the relationships while wrong conversation can convert the whole situation into hell as well.

First part of the conversation is gossip which is useless exchange of ideas on a non-specific subject and it leads to complete loss of respect in due course of time; the second part is arguments which are negative exchange of ideas on a specific subject and this ends up in fight only.

The third is discussion which means positive exchange of ideas on a specific subject leading to a friendly environment. And the fourth one is interaction which means constructive exchange of ideas on a specific subject leading to some conclusion.

The gossip and arguments are the danger zones of conversation thus not good for the health of the relationship so must be banned for all times to come. How fast you shift your conversation from discussion to interaction will decide the speed of growth in your life.