The secret power of GPS management

GPS means Global Positioning System and nowadays the world map is controlled by the GPS and it gives you the exact location and the direction to reach your well defined destination. The recorded voice guides you to take a third left turn on the next roundabout or to take a U turn after 100 meters and so on. Each and every step is very well directed. Have you ever noticed that if by chance you take a wrong turn, you are not reprimanded or blamed but it restarted the directions from where you were.

And that is the secret power to manage all worldly relationships as well. Let’s feel the difference. While managing the relationships people get angry if the other person does something wrong or unacceptable, they instantly start blaming the other person, reprimanding him and at times even are bent upon to prove that he is wrong as a person. This way the other person is disturbed and loses motivation to do anything further. In addition he is also losing his regards for you.

Let’s learn from the GPS. While managing the relationship – be it with your children or your team members or your clients or any other person, if the person does something wrong or unacceptable then accept the person as it is and redefine the strategic planning from the current step onwards. This way you will be able to maintain harmony in your relationship and then the productivity will be multifold on its own.