What is the true meaning of success?

Success means different things to different people. For somebody success means earning millions while for others success means achieving some high position in the society while for still others success simply means sitting next to the Holy river and living a meditative life. What exactly does success mean to you?

It has been observed that most people have no focus to define exactly what they want in their life. While in school their subjects are decided either by their parents or the teachers. When they complete their studies they normally ask their friends, “What should I do in my life?” Job or the business is decided by other people in their life. That precisely is the reason they never feel happiness in their life.

Just focus on you and you only, even without focusing on the resources because the resources can always be generated. Define exactly what you want in your life because this life is yours only. Define your passion and the kind of life you want to live. That precisely will help you decide the success areas you are looking for. And you will find the ultimate happiness in your life.