What to do when people take you for granted?

There are times in life when you feel that your people are taking you for granted thus don’t respect you for your seniority and your wisdom as well. The fact is you want to be friendly with them but still want them to respect your authority.

The question is why do they take you for granted? Simply because they know more and more about your shortcomings and your personal life. Your focus must be to ask them questions about their achievements and their areas of development. Discuss with them their goal in life and help them shape up their career track. Your precise focus is to listen to your team members and respond to their needs.

It is wisdom never to share about your personal life and never share with them your negative points. If your negative points are relevant to your job then on top priority focus to develop self in those areas and convert your negative areas into positive ones and more important – focus to be their leader and not their boss.