When to touch and when not to touch a person?


Touch is very touching as touching someone can be delicate and offensive as well. Just imagine that you are travelling in a train. And you see, that, the wallet of the person standing next to you falls down from his back pocket. You pick up his wallet, touch him on his shoulder and give it to him. Instantly, He is feeling grateful to you.

In the second situation. he is having a magazine which he has already read, you touch him on his shoulder and ask him if you can borrow his magazine. He feels awkward, his reaction is full of irritation, he looks into your eyes as if he will kill you.

Let’s take a new scenario. In the morning when the husband is about to go to the office, his wife hugs him and asks him to give her money for shopping. He feels agitated and pushes her away.

Whereas in a different scenario, On the stage the chief guest is giving an award to a lady participant. He shakes hands with her and gives her a hug, she indeed feels happy and honoured. So the big question is; when to touch and when not to touch a person?

The simple rule is: touch a person only when you give and never when you take. Touch when you give appreciation, award, regards, sympathy, blessings, support and so on but never when you have an intention to seek recommendations, money, support, appreciation and so on.