How to be a door opener in sales?

Treat every client as a big company. The process of sales is the same whether you are dealing with a big company or an individual. Prepare well – do your thorough homework through relevant research and development.

You can only open the door in sales if you touch their innermost feelings. Do people buy the product or the service? NO. Then what do they buy? Did you buy your spectacles? Perhaps NO. Your focus was that with the help of these spectacles you will be able to see better and this particular frame will suit your personality. Right! Did you buy a house? Perhaps no. Your focus was to get a place for your comfortable living. You didn’t buy the car but you bought the comfort to reach the relevant destinations and that too by matching your status.

This clearly means; people don’t buy your products or services but they only buy their own imagination. Help them imagine all the benefits they are going to enjoy with the help of your product or the service. This way you have opened the doors to their hearts and they would love to deal with you for all times to come.