How to develop the Power of Conviction?

Conviction has its origin from the word convince. People have the tendency to convince others, possibly to fulfill their own desires or goals. The fact is that people, by and large, do not like to be convinced but they get convinced on their own which indeed is their decision and not yours. You can’t compel a person to make a decision.

Decision happens on its own accord when the logic is clear and specific. Logic means the relevant reason matching the specific need of the person. Logic is not available in books because books can only represent something that happened in the past. Convincing self with a clear and a specific logic on the subject you want to share with others will lead to conviction.

Conviction is the state of mind of a person who is sure that what he or she believes or says is true. It is the state of being free from doubt, conviction applies especially to belief strongly held by an individual. The base of that belief is the logic.

When you talk with conviction then the other person is completely mesmerized and has no reason to reject you or challenge your words or the message. There is an old saying, “Practice what you preach.” Your working belief on what you want to convey, is the true representation of conviction.