How to manage time – a powerful tip?

Time management is the priority need of every person who is ambitious and responsible. Every person in this world has one thing in common – whether the person is a teacher or a businessman or an actor or student or a bureaucrat or a politician or the one who has earned millions or has lost millions has one thing in common – that’s 24 hours in one day. How wisely you are able to manage time will decide your prosperity.

Whatever you want to do in your life, you need energy. If with energy, money is also combined then you feel complete in the process. That means you are investing your money and energy. And the Total Investment of Money and Energy is called TIME – T.I.M.E. – Total Investment of Money and Energy. The spelling of TIME has investment in it which means you get something in return. TIME does not have S or W – spending or wasting in it.

A simple tip is: before doing anything simply ask yourself a question, “What am I getting out of what I am doing?” And if the answer is “NOTHING” then don’t do it. Simple! This way you will be able to save a lot of your precious time from being wasted.