How to overcome obstacles in sales

There are four obstacles which keep people away to buy from you. The first is that they have no trust in your intentions so why would they even talk with you. To overcome this obstacle they must feel that you understand them. Ask them about their achievements in the past five years, praise them and ask a linked question. When they start sharing their situation with you that means their trust in your intentions has been established.

The second obstacle is that they have no need. Ask about the goals they want to achieve in the next five years. Listen carefully and intently to know their needs. Ask more relevant questions to define their exact needs.

The third obstacle is that they don’t trust your competence to help them fulfill their needs. So here share the strong features of your offering relevant to their specific needs only. Once the two match the trust in your competence is established.

The fourth obstacle is that they are in no hurry to buy from you, possibly because they are afraid that they might not get exactly what they are looking for. So here share references: means how the other people with your help got the benefits they were looking for. Once you overcome these four obstacles then you develop a life long relationship with your clients.