How to say NO?

How to say NO is a common problem faced by the majority of people. Top management and the celebrities are approached to get their work done while the common person having a helping attitude is used again and again. And when you say NO they feel hurt and thus get annoyed with you as well but if you don’t say NO then your precious energy and time are just being wasted.

First of all, you must clear one misconception that people love you and need you. The fact is that they do not love you at all. They love their own needs and love to solve their own problems only. It’s just a coincidence that you are one of those people who can fulfill their needs and solve their problems.

The best way to say NO is to refer them to someone else who can solve their problems or guide them on how their needs can be fulfilled. You will be shocked to know that the person who has been waiting for 2 hours to see you, will leave you immediately the moment you refer that person to someone else. Indeed he will also feel grateful to you for helping him solve his problem or fulfilling his need.