How to solve problems through mind mapping?

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts in the process of solving problems or defining the strategic planning for goal achievement. On a blank page do write the goal you want to achieve in the center, along with the deadline to achieve that goal. Within your mind do focus on various ideas and randomly write the first idea somewhere around the goal. Then do focus on the second idea. If that is a part of the same idea as above then create a group of ideas otherwise write the second idea also somewhere around the goal.

Same way keep on contemplating about various ideas and do write either separately or under some group. Please focus, that all the similar ideas are mentioned within one group. This way you have defined multiple groups around the goal and multiple ideas relevant to each group.

Now write the deadline against each group and also against each idea under that group. You need to work on the strategic planning to achieve each step of each goal and subgoal accordingly. A strong follow up at each level is essential. For each strategic plan, a backup plan one and backup plan two are also a must. This will lead to a stress free and a smooth journey towards your success.

Remember to focus on these areas:
What logical sequence do these sub goals need?
Do the least amount of steps possible. It is too easy to put in too many steps and complicate things. Question whether all the steps are necessary – is there a quicker route? Concentrate on the smallest amount of activities that will have the largest impact on achieving your goal, but without missing anything essential.