How to utilise the power of goal setting?

A wealthy person was driving a Rolls Royce in the City Centre. He was an expert driver but had been driving in the outer circle, middle circle and inner circle only. His friend who was accompanying him went to sleep. After about an hour he got up and asked, “Where are we now?” The answer was the City Centre. Then he asked, “Where were we about an hour ago?” The answer again was, the City Centre. He had Money, Energy and Time – all in abundance but could not achieve anything.

On the other hand a person who was poor and limping also started walking on Road number 7. He had a goal to reach the Zoo and after about an hour he was crossing the Central Secretariat.

This short story gives us a very clear message, “Goal gives you a direction and the direction will give you a start”. Define in clear terms what you want and why you want that and your journey towards success will get initiated on its own.